Britney Spears has done it again: for the third time she stepped in front of the altar. This time, however, the wedding went according to the singer’s wishes.

Britney Spears celebrated a fairytale wedding last Thursday at her estate in Thousand Oaks. In a sea of ​​pink and white blossoms, a Cinderella carriage brought the singer down the aisle where she tied the knot with fitness trainer Sam Asghari.

Spears now shares her happiness with her 41.5 million fans on Instagram: “Wow! Holy straw bag! We did it! We got married,” she wrote euphorically on Saturday for a snapshot of the newlyweds. “It was the most spectacular day!!! I was so nervous all morning, but then at 2 p.m., I was really shocked: We’re about to get married! I had a panic attack, but then pulled myself together,” said the 40 -year-old, for whom it was already the third wedding.

Her big day obviously went the way the singer dreamed it would. “The crew who literally turned our home into a dream castle was amazing!!! The ceremony was a dream and the party even better!!! So many incredible people came to our wedding and I’m still in shock!!!” , Spears gushed, thanking her guests: her “crush” Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez, “who’s even more beautiful in person.”

Britney Spears: “I kissed Madonna again”

“I was speechless… I kissed Madonna again and we danced the night away with Paris Hilton…” For her part, Paris Hilton replied, “What an epic night…. Love you.”

Spears also thanked Donatella Versace. The fashion icon had designed her wedding dress: a tight-fitting robe with a slit down to the hips and open shoulders, a meter-long train and a veil of the same length. “I felt so beautiful,” Spears wrote of her getup. “Thanks also to Stephanie Gottlieb, Charlotte Tilbury and Sofia Tilbury for my jewelry and makeup,” she added.

Pictures that Spears had already published on Friday show her and her party guests on the dance floor. The wedding apparently ended in a hit party: “I think we all fell on the dance floor at least twice!!! I mean come on…we were all VOGUING!!!”

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