The outcome is expected later on Thursday to 15 hours, local time. In the meantime, the suspense still reigns in Florida, a week after the mid-term elections in which the outcome is still not known. On the evening of November 6, the republican Rick Scott appeared to be imposed by a very short head, facing the outgoing Bill Nelson. Candidate for governor, the democrat Andrew McGillum had, he conceded his defeat against the very trumpien Ron De Santis before you withdraw. Because, with a difference of voices less than a 0.5 percentage point, a recount was ordered Saturday, in accordance to the local legislation. Since then, the two republican candidates saw their lead melt: Rick Scott shows more than 0.15 point lead, and Ron De Santis of 0.41 point.

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Donald Trump in person shouts these last days to election fraud. He demanded Monday the arrest of this new count. “The election in Florida should go back to Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis”, found it on Twitter the president of the United States, denouncing “the new ballots out of nowhere” and many other “missing or rigged”. And to say: “A count honest is not possible any more”. Saturday, he had already accused the democrats of wanting to “steal” the elections. “Senator Bill Nelson clearly tries to cheat to win this election,” surenchérissait the next day on Fox News News Rick Scott. The republican candidate, current governor of the State, was surprised in particular by the fact that some 93.000 new ballots were found after the election, without providing more evidence.

A true guerrilla judicial

The attacks on republican targeting two fiefs democrats: the counties of Palm Beach and Broward, where Hillary Clinton was easily won in the presidential election of 2016. In the latter, Rick Scott launched a veritable guerrilla judicial applicant not less than nine other remedies. The republican has lately sought to make sense of all the machines that the electoral instruments and counting of the ballots which were not used. This request has already been rejected by a judge in Broward county, stating that the process was going on there in good and due form. Democratic senator Bill Nelson has requested that the reconsideration of the votes on an interim or by correspondence whose signatures did not match.

Unlike the presidential election of 2000, the count is done today mechanically. Wilfredo Lee/AP

The “Sunshine State” is becoming a bit more of a mess already known during the 2000 election. Several weeks, of the assessors had been trying to decide between George W Bush and Al Gore, concentrating on one at a time, sometimes with the magnifying glass, the ballots perforated to the punch. The supreme Court had finally put an end to the painful operation. The election rules have changed: voters in black boxes, the counting is done mechanically and a deadline has been imposed. However, the manager of Palm Beach county has just announced on CNN that it would be impossible to hold to maturity. Even so, once this recount is completed, if the difference between the two candidates is less than or equal to 0.25 points, counting by hand may be ordered.

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Florida is not alone in this case. In Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema has given one more seat to the democrats in the upper house after a recount. Finally, in Mississippi, no candidate has reached the 50% mark, a second round must be held on 27 November. If the democrats come to prevail in the States, the republican majority in the Senate, far shorter than anticipated, will remain insured.

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