After loosening the entry rules in Thailand, the number of tourists in certain places has increased so much that the famous beach in Maya Bay had to be closed.

A few weeks after opening up to tourism, the Thai authorities had to take a measure that they had already agreed to take at the beginning of 2018: The bay on the island of Phi Phi Leh in the south, made famous by the film “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio of the country can no longer be approached by tourist boats.

It was just a brief respite for nature on the Andaman Sea archipelago. After four years of abstinence from excursionists due to a landing ban until January 2022, a run on Maya Bay has started in recent weeks.

It was only permitted for a few weeks to head for the legendary stretch of beach with long-tail boats from the neighboring island of Ko Phi Phi Don in Krabi province – one of the main destinations for Instagramers in Thailand. But this year, according to “”, 1000,000 people have already visited the island.

The island, which is only six square kilometers in size, became famous as a film location, as it was one of the locations of the drama “The Beach”, which was filmed by Danny Boyle and was released in cinemas in 2000. The original with white sand, turquoise blue water and palm trees was then literally besieged.

Many tourists stood in the water to take selfies in front of the dream scenery and also broke off corals. Plastic waste was floating around. At times, dozens of boats anchored in Maya Bay. The islet had to cope with up to 6000 visitors per day.

Thailand entries at low level

Tourism is one of the most important economic factors in Thailand. In 2019, 40 million holidaymakers traveled there. After a cautious opening, the first tourists return. According to the newspaper “Bangkok Post”, 210,000 holidaymakers were registered in March, in April there were already 293,000. Tourists still have to apply for the so-called “Thailand Pass” online and present proof of Covid 19 insurance with coverage of at least $10,000.

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