Arrest in Lüdenscheid: The police arrested a man in his apartment. He is apparently suspected of having fired the fatal shot at a 40-year-old at a fair.

After the fatal shot at a 40-year-old at a fair in Lüdenscheid, investigators arrested a man on Monday evening. According to a joint statement from the police and the public prosecutor’s office, special forces arrested the suspect in Lüdenscheid and searched his apartment. The investigators did not want to comment on further details, age and backgrounds in the evening.

A group argument with a 16-year-old

At a fair in Lüdenscheid in the northwest of the Sauerland, a 40-year-old was shot dead at the exit of the festival area on Saturday evening. Previously, there had been an argument between a 16-year-old and a group of six on the premises. When the youth and his father tried to confront the group, they all fled.

Presumably the victim is a bystander

“During the escape, two people fired shots from a blank gun and a live gun,” the investigators said. “Shots were fired both in the air and in the direction of the 16-year-old and 52-year-old father who was pursuing.”

A projectile hit the victim, who comes from Gummersbach. “He later died in hospital from his injuries,” police said. A spokesman for the Hagen public prosecutor’s office told Stern.