More time for the family, maybe writing a book: Only after he has left the political stage does the outgoing Prime Minister Bouffier want to think about his future.

The Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) says goodbye to politics with gratitude and a little melancholy.

“For me, this is not just the end of these almost twelve years as Prime Minister, but this is the end of 50 years of active politics and 40 years in various offices,” said Bouffier of the German Press Agency in Wiesbaden a few days before the end of his tenure. “I have a great feeling of gratitude.”

successor is elected

The incumbent President of the State Parliament, Boris Rhein (CDU), is to be elected Bouffier’s successor in the Hessian State Parliament next Tuesday. “It was my decision to bring this about. And I’m deeply convinced that it’s the right thing to do,” emphasized the 70-year-old. “And that’s why it’s now on the one hand – accompanied by a look back – gratitude, yes also a bit of melancholy, but also with joyful expectation of how things will continue.”

“Of course I have offers for everything at the moment,” said Bouffier at the time after his active political life. “But for the time being, I would sort out the boxes, boxes and other things that have accumulated over the past 40 years. In addition, I still have a number of obligations as chairman and president of foundations and associations, which I would like to transfer bit by bit – from the state foundation or as president of the Jerusalem Foundation Germany. »

“Other than that, I’m also looking forward to maybe being able to do a little more things that weren’t possible before,” said the longtime top politician. “And a little more free time with the family. Everything has its time and I’m looking forward to the future.” He is a trained specialist lawyer for divorce law and a notary. “We have our own office. I’ll be very reluctant to get involved a bit, »announced Bouffier. “I am often asked if I am also writing a book. Honestly, you’ll see.”