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Medicine: 12-hour transplant: Schotte gets two new hands


Medical sensation: Scotsman Steven Gallagher is probably the first person to have two new hands transplanted at the same time. However, the new attitude towards life is still associated with problems.

Steven Gallagher, transplant patient, loves his new hands. “These hands are incredible, everything happened so quickly,” the 48-year-old told the British news agency PA.

“From the moment I woke up from the operation, I was able to move it.” The Scot is probably the first patient to have both hands transplanted because of the rheumatic autoimmune disease systemic sclerosis. “It gave me a new lease of life,” Gallagher said.

He still finds some things difficult. For example, he can’t close buttons, but he can pour himself a glass of water. But more important is a basic feeling. “The pain before the operation was excruciating. I took so many painkillers, it was unimaginable, and now I have no more pain, »said the father of three daughters.

Gallagher was diagnosed with sclerosis 13 years ago after developing an unusual rash on his face. After a few years, his fingers began to curl up. «My hands started to close until they were actually just two fists. My hands were useless, I couldn’t do anything except lift things with two hands.” On the advice of specialists and after discussions with his wife, the roofer decided to have the operation. In mid-December 2021, the man from Dreghorn received two new hands in a twelve-hour treatment.