Process Depp against Heard: Doctors refute Heard’s statement about devastation: Depp could not have made a fist


    Yesterday, a medic took the stand at the Depp v. Heard trial. He treated Johnny Depp’s severed finger in 2015. His testimony raises questions about allegations by Amber Heard about a subsequent rampage allegation.

    Now every minute and every statement counts twice: it’s the last days of the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. And right now the physician Dr. David Kulber from the well-known celebrity hospital Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. dr Kulber splinted Depp’s injured hand in 2015, rendering it nearly unable to move.

    For 26 years, Dr. Kulber Plastic and hand surgeon, never before in his career has he experienced someone with a splinted hand being able to strike without suffering injuries himself or at least showing signs of the bandage. Johnny Depp lost the pad of his right middle finger in March 2015. This is said to have happened during a dispute between him and his ex-wife. But the versions of this story are different. Heard claims he smashed his hand into a cellphone and self-inflicted the injury, while Depp says she threw a vodka bottle at him.

    The fact is, in the end the fingertip was off, had to be sewn back on and Johnny Depp’s hand was splinted, at least two fingers, the middle and ring finger were taped together, as the attending doctor now confirmed in court. This splint, which is equivalent to half a cast at the bottom of the hand and is intended to immobilize the hand and fingers for the healing process, severely restricted the actor’s freedom of movement. Johnny Depp is also right-handed and this was the right hand.

    Heard allegation: Depp is said to have rioted with an injured hand

    The interface should then also have caught fire, as explained by Dr. Kolber yesterday. The treatment lasted several months and Johnny Depp had to wear the splint for around twelve days. The legal team again referred, with photographic evidence, to a vandalized and vandalized Amber Heard dressing room. Johnny Depp is said to have done this when he was already wearing the splint.

    When asked by the lawyers whether Depp could have made a fist with the splint, the doctor said very clearly: “No, impossible.” Another response did not confirm the claim that Depp may have trashed that room either. Of course, this is also possible with one hand, but if he had used the right hand as well, it would have left marks on the injury or at least on the bandage, according to the doctor. “He could have grabbed things, yes, but holding on is also almost impossible, after all, Johnny Depp could only use his thumb and forefinger,” said Dr. kulber

    The statement by the doctor at the time, who is said to have had no further contact with Johnny Depp since the treatment ended in 2015, casts doubt on the truthfulness of Amber Heard’s statement.

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