Brad Pitt has discovered his spiritual vein in recent years. The actor admitted in an interview what deeper meaning he attaches to his dreams.

When he wakes up in the morning, one of his first actions is often to grab a piece of paper and a pen from his bedside table. Whenever Brad Pitt can remember, he writes down his dreams as soon as he wakes up. “I find that very helpful. I find it very exciting what’s going on in my head when I can’t control it,” says Pitt in an interview with the British magazine “GQ”.

Then the 58-year-old tells of a dream that haunted him for years: “For about four or five years I kept dreaming the same dream, I was jumped at and stabbed. The dream always played at night, it was dark, I got up “Along a sidewalk, a promenade, or in a park. If I was walking under a certain street lamp, someone would jump at me from the side and stab me between the ribs.”

Brad Pitt and his recurring nightmare

Pitt was stabbed repeatedly in his dreams for years, reports the Hollywood actor: “Sometimes I would realize that I was being followed and then someone would bump into me and I would realize that someone would get me. Then I realized that I was trapped sat and they wanted to do me serious harm. Another version was that I was being chased through a house with a child I tried to help escape, but got trapped on the patio – and then got stabbed. Always stabbed. Every time I woke up startled. I didn’t understand why they would want to hurt me in the dream. It only stopped a year or two ago when I started going straight back into the dream and just wondering why?”

The interview’s author, Ottessa Moshfegh, sees for herself what this stabbing realization might represent if one were to psychoanalyze Brad Pitt’s dream: “Brad Pitt – the golden boy from Missouri who moved to California for fun at 22 and the biggest movie star of the world, who reportedly makes up to $20 million a movie, who has twice been part of what is perhaps the world’s most famous relationship – can’t go anywhere without being stalked by the paparazzi It’s easy to see this man’s personality haunted and haunted.What is perhaps surprising is how the bad dream eventually disappeared: it was only as he studied this nightmare—taking careful note of it and trying to analyze its meaning—that he began to have less of an impact on it to have,” writes the journalist. Until he disappeared from Pitt’s life altogether a year or two ago.

This is how Pitt interprets his dream series

His interpretation differs a little from the journalist’s version: “My own interpretation of the knife dreams is more about fears, insecurity, being completely alone. But these seem to be mainly about subconscious and buried needs. But aspects of childhood also play a role Rolle, the aspects of yourself that weren’t allowed to flourish as a child — like healthy anger, individuality, or most importantly, having a voice of your own.”

Source: GQ