That has never happened before with the lottery in Germany. The euro jackpot is filled to the brim with 106 million euros. This means that a record profit for the Federal Republic is possible.

This will also drive lottery grouches to buy a lottery ticket: the euro jackpot is an unbelievable 106 million euros this Friday. In its more than ten-year history, the prize money in the Europe-wide lottery has exceeded 100 million euros for the first time.

No wonder more people than usual are looking forward to the early evening draw in Helsinki, Finland (7pm). A direct hit would be a winning record for Germany. So far, the winnings have been capped at 90 million euros. The 18 countries participating in the European lottery changed the rules for the 10th anniversary at the end of March.

The next draw could even win 114 million

The record profit of 90 million euros has so far been held in Germany by five tipsters from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. If the jackpot, which is currently 106 million euros, is not won again on Friday, the winnings will continue to rise to dizzying heights. The next drawing on May 24 would probably be 114 million euros.