Riots in the United States do not cease and can cost Trump presidency

In Washington, hundreds of demonstrators despite 30-degree heat occupied the entrances to the Capitol. After the dispersal of the rally at the White house with tear gas, the crowd chanting “don’t shoot” and “do not spray”. To remind the security forces that “lying is not beaten”, the protesters decided eight-share “face down” — as a policeman stood on the deceased George Floyd. In the USA it is detained about ten thousand people, and the number of victims is growing every day — on the eve of the looters in St. Louis was killed in cold blood a police officer.

Author: Denis Davydov

food and drug administration — the protests at the White house, it seems, seriously and for a long time. Next offer free help, if suddenly arrested. Phone numbers of lawyers in black marker on hand. All these people are technically breaking the curfew.

Gas personally to each protest of a police explained that they break curfew. Richmond residents with umbrellas — protection against rubber bullets, but the masks needed — tear the cloud and the crowd scattered.

Unrest — freedom for looters. As in the best westerns — on-the-go Rob a train. From composition in Chicago pulled out the TV. Other, no embarrassment, blew up the ATM in front of passers-by. It got to the point that in a stolen truck bandits rammed the entrance to the store. In Auckland the car dealership them not to leave the brand new Mercedes cars — expensive cars simply destroyed.

In new York the next night and again anarchy. Putting down the poster to the side of the protesters in Brooklyn took the rifle.

In a shootout with police killed the assailant. For a night in the metropolis, arresting 400 people — before they have time to burn and to plunder dozens of stores.

If police are coming, marauders instantly transform into chanting protesters and the main slogan of the protest — “Black life is important”.

At ampILA African-American African-American younger sacked the pizzeria. Not waiting for the police, the owners of cafes and shops protected themselves from bullies. For example, a white male tried to reason with the black looters, but the forces are not equal.

200 cities covered by the protests. The account of victims goes on tens. In St. Louis in one night killed four police officers. The attackers shot and killed and this 77-year-old man — the officer retired, came to help a friend to repel the attack on the store.

In this chaos already on the roads regulates the crowd. The police had to pretend to be taxi drivers, to catch violators of the curfew. From a ten-day protest on the verge of riot militiamen nerves.

Provocateurs goes to the most. Four clubs — one demonstrator. In Philadelphia the patrol twisted person. He and strangled George Floyd, screaming, can’t breathe. Police do not believe.

the Curfew in California: demonstrators blocked the road to the armored car. The crew about the warning in the air not even mentioned.

the Governor of California has declared a state of emergency. A week in the state arrested three thousand people, but the protests do not cease. Endless column of military equipment on the walk of fame in Hollywood — this film is not a disaster, but the American is a Thriller that will end is unclear when and who knows what.

Author: Valentin Bogdanov

400 arrests per night, but thousands of people do not care about the ban to appear on the streets after eight. Curfew in new York introduced for the first time since 1943. As a person who grew up here, Donald trump cannot without emotion look at what is happening in his hometown. As President, he again offers to enter the national guard, but the local government operates on the principle “to spite the conductor will walk”, that is, in spite of Trump’s finger is not touched by the boor and marauders.

Andrew Cuomo — Governor of new York, bill de BlasiOh — the mayor of the city. Both quarreled. Cuomo recalled that at the disposal of the mayor — 38 000 police officers — the largest number in the United States, and to sense zero.

“My opinion as Governor of the state, are in a state of emergency is the need to displace the mayor of new York and to enter the national guard,” said Cuomo.

After threats de Blasio still brought to the streets almost the entire staff of the police, but mayor Democrat new York city policemen are not respected. The last straw was his attack on the officer, who was forced to grab a gun to fight off a friend who beat the crowd. From simple and effective solutions — entry of national guardsmen (it worked in Minneapolis), de Blasio is still kicking with hands and feet.

“We don’t think the national guard or any other armed forces it is advisable to be in new York. If we remember history, when the armed forces are facing their population, we realize that nothing good will come out of it” — said de Blasio.

Joe Biden throws the other extreme — he teaches police to shoot:

— Instead of lecturing the police when he is a man with a knife or something, better tell him to shoot you in the leg, not the heart.

Arguments about which part of the human body to aim better and what not, Biden was leading in the Church, which in itself is weird. But hypocrisy for him and his party, perhaps the norm. They curse trump because for him, the police dispersed the protesters when the US President went to St. John’s Church opposite the White house. Her background is trump was photographed with a Bible in his hand.

“When we see peaceful demonstrators dispersed in order to allow the President to arrange a photo session outside the Church, we can understand if we believe that the President is more interested in power than principles. Yesterday, the President was holding the Bible. I just wanted to have it from time to time opened it instead of waving it around,” said Joe Biden.

Biden is now confidently approaching the nomination. Today the primaries, the Democrats are just in eight States, and, therefore, according to their results, he may gain the nomination 1 991 the voice of the electors. For Biden is the pinnacle of his political career, but trump calls not to build his illusions about.

“Sleepy Joe has been in politics for 40 years and did nothing. And now he pretends he has the answers. He doesn’t even know the questions. Weakness never wins anarchists, looters or bandits, and Joe was politically weak my whole life,” trump wrote in the social network.

All these skirmishes, of course, for the votes of undecided voters. The Democrats that the Republicans had already decided.

“Now we need a strong leader. Riots should not be approved. US citizens no right to massacre and pillage, to burn police cars. People need to understand that if they do this, they will be arrested,” said the U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz.

Democrats, as a joke in social networks Republicans similarly voted so far, only former assistant to Obama. Video angry Desiree Barnes, who yells at the protesters in new York city, walks in the network:

— You profit from our pain! Do you not see that in this area there are no corporations? Here live simple people!

Obama and even Republican Bush fondly remembered speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also wrote a message with a Bible in his hand:

— I was thinking about how many things in the Bible that would be in relationship to people in our country. We would like to hope that the U.S. President will do the same as his predecessors to heal the wounds and not to fan the fire.

Pelosi was talking about Bush senior. Between the Bush from participating in political showdowns on the ashes was eliminated.

“For us, it’s time to listen. For US it’s time to reflect on our tragic failures. When this happens, we will see how we come back to power.”

Before the presidential election, meanwhile, stayed exactly five months. From pogroms throughout the country the instant benefit, of course, benefited the Democrats. Trump’s record disapproval rating of 54 per cent. But if you think about the long term, these days, might have been important. Swing voters, most of whom are white, most likely have already made their choice in November, watching TV or just looking out the window.