Romantic search campaign: Man flirts with a stranger at a Rammstein concert – and finds her again thanks to the Internet


    At the Rammstein concert in the Volksparkstadion, Ben from Hamburg met a blonde unknown whom he could not forget. He searched for her via Facebook.

    The band Rammstein performed twice in Hamburg in June – and the concert was sold out on both evenings, so around 50,000 fans in the audience cheered for the six hard rockers from Berlin. A crowd in which some groups may have found it difficult to find each other again after buying a beer. A young man from Hamburg, however, met a woman several times on one of the concert evenings – whom he could not forget afterwards.

    “I was in Hamburg on June 15 for a concert with our favorite band,” Rammstein fan Ben wrote on Facebook. “In the event, a pretty young blonde woman with slightly reddish lips, wearing a top and lightly tattooed, entered the interior with a brunette friend… Our eyes met and we both immediately smiled.” That was the first encounter, and even that left a lasting impression on the young man. It seems like fate that the two should meet several more times in the course of the evening.

    They met at the Rammstein concert

    “Sometimes you would lose sight of each other, but when she came out of the infield again near the firing zone, she immediately looked at me and I at her – and that smile again,” Ben continues on Facebook. “At the end of the concert […] we saw each other again briefly at the bratwurst stand in front of the S-Bahn and in the sea of ​​people – but then we lost sight of each other again.” On no occasion would he have had a chance to address his crush. And so he takes the S-Bahn home, somewhat resigned.

    “My ward is coming, I go to the door that opens, take a step out – then there’s a call from the back of the compartment, ‘Bye!’ I, absent-minded, take a step back, look into her face. We smile at each other again, I say: ‘Bye’, with a wave, step forward because the train door is already beeping” … and then Ben is standing on the platform, the stranger is gone.

    In fact, his plan seemed impossible

    After being intensely annoyed at not having reacted smarter to the unexpected encounter on the train, Ben launched an appeal on Facebook, which was quickly picked up by several local media. But finding an unknown woman out of 50,000 people? That actually seemed impossible. And indeed – for quite a while the man from Hamburg heard nothing more. But then: the big surprise.

    Somehow his crush had heard about the romantic search. Which is surprising, because the wanted person does not live in Hamburg herself, but had traveled quite a distance for the Rammstein concert. Nevertheless, she contacted Ben – and the two managed to arrange a reunion despite the distance. For the first “date”, the blonde young woman appeared in a shirt that appropriately read: “The one under 50,000”.

    Ben happily shared a photo on Facebook, thanked everyone who helped with the search and wrote, “We found each other!!!” The two of them will see what happens next.

    Sources: Facebook, “MOPO”