In an interview, Sam Neill talks about the great relationship he has with his “Jurassic World” co-stars Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.

Sam Neill (74), Laura Dern (55) and Jeff Goldblum (69) lured as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm 1993 Millions of people worldwide in the cinemas: It was the beginning of the “Jurassic Park” series. In 2022, the trio is celebrating a comeback on the big screen. The three paleontologists meet again in Jurassic World: A New Age. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Sam Neill talks about filming in the midst of the corona pandemic and really raves about his co-stars.

Almost 30 years have passed since the first “Jurassic Park” part. How is Jurassic World: A New Age different from the first film?

Sam Neill: They’re all made of the same stuff. “A New Age” is the greatest of all. It’s a huge film, a challenging film. He’s gigantic on the big screen. You can’t just watch it at home on a small TV. You have to go to the cinema for the overall experience. The movie has lots of characters, lots of dinosaurs and lots of action. How is it different? He’s different, but still the same.

Is “A New Era” less violent than previous films?

Neill: It’s been quite a bloodbath. I didn’t do a death count, but a few lives were lost. I would say the film is much more action packed. The action is simply amazing.

Are you your movie character Dr. Very similar to Alan Grant?

Neill: I suppose we’re both gruff, older men. I’ve been single again for quite a while. I can really empathize with Alan Grant’s loneliness that you see at the beginning of the film. Lonely old man in a shabby old tent. (laughs)

How was it for you to reunite with your ‘Jurassic Park’ co-stars Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum?

Neill: I absolutely adore Laura and Jeff. It was a very sentimental reunion. We were locked away in a hotel together for four or five months. We were closer than ever when it came to the end. It’s a thirty-year friendship. i still love her

Filming took place amid the coronavirus pandemic…

Neill: Yes, at one point we were the only production in the world still shooting. Everything has been cancelled. The whole world was in lockdown. But we started working under very strict regulations. None of us knew if this would work or not. But luckily we made it. And we became kind of an example for the rest of the film industry. The whole world has been watching us to see if you can really make a movie during the pandemic. We were a kind of “early warning system”.

How challenging was the filming for you?

Neill: It wasn’t a challenge for us as actors, we were just tense all the time because anything could have gone wrong at any time. We were all surprised and relieved that we were able to finish it. A small corona outbreak would have been enough and everything would have been closed. We’ve had a couple of lockdowns, five days straight. But they were very small and manageable. We always felt a bit like we were under siege. But that brought us closer together.

When you received the offer for “Jurassic World: A New Age”, did you accept immediately or were you initially hesitant?

Neill: It was a total surprise. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not. That was in 2019. I went to the Sitges Film Festival in Spain. This is a horror and sci-fi festival. I received an award for my life’s work there. And Colin [Trevorrow, ed. Red.], the director of “Jurassic World: A New Age” who is a big sci-fi fan was there and we had a great lunch together. After the meal he explained his plans to me and I was convinced that I wanted to do it. I’m glad we did. It was great fun!

You are a very versatile actor. Do you have a favorite genre?

Neill: No, not really. But the one genre I’ve never done is western. This is an unfulfilled dream of a lifetime. I’ve done all sorts of things but never a western. I’m probably too old for that now. And these days, not many western movies are made. They’re out of fashion. Well, I love horseback riding. Give me a horse and a colt and a big hat and I would be very happy.

Do you actually have a favorite dinosaur?

Neill: I would say Jeff Goldblum. (laughs)

Is there anything else you would like to tell Jurassic World fans before they head to the cinema?

Neill: I think anyone who liked the Jurassic Park movies will enjoy the movie. It’s a gigantic, vibrant experience. That kind of big movie that we need to get people back to the movies. This is very important for the film industry. There is no substitute for sitting in the cinema with an audience. It’s different and better than just sitting at home and watching something on TV. This is such a big film, absolutely made for it.