A beer pong air mattress moves the party game from the tabletop to the pool. The comparison reveals which models are available and what else you need for the iconic drinking game in the pool.

Meanwhile, the semester abroad is part of the curriculum vitae of middle-class children, like their 1-series BMW on their 18th birthday. It goes without saying that the young cosmopolitans will bring their cultural experiences back to Germany with them. One of the most popular in recent years has been the drinking game “Beer Pong”. This is usually played in teams of two in the backyard around a ping pong table or beer pong table. Slightly better-heeled drinkers, on the other hand, combine cooling off and fun in the pool at home and this is exactly what beer pong air mattresses enable.

Faburo XXL Beer Pong air mattress

Compared to the regular air mattress, the beer pong air mattress features fits that support the cups for the drinking game. They are of course arranged in the obligatory triangle. Somewhat higher-quality mattresses have a square in the middle. Ice comes in there so that the refill beer stays deliciously cold. Cup holders on the sides are also advantageous. They are intended for the cleaning cups. The Faburo XXL Beer Pong air mattress with a length of 180 centimeters (cm) and a width of 80 cm combines all of this. Attention: cups and table tennis balls are not included.

RedCupShop Beer Pong Pool Air Mattress

Reduced to the essentials and smaller is the RedCupShop Beer Pong air mattress. It measures 175 cm in length and 75 cm in width. Of course, it also offers the stand triangle for the cups and two cup holders on the side. A beer cooling basin, on the other hand, is missing. Balls and cups are included in the scope of delivery.

Formizon Inflatable Pong Table for Pool

If you like it even more sophisticated, you can buy two triangles for the pool. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the standard beer pong setup of ten cups per triangle. The small air mattresses are ideal as drink holders when not playing. Nice: The triangles contain six balls and twelve cups.

Beer Pong Air Mattress: Accessories

Since balls and cups are not included with every beer pong air mattress, a set that contains both can make sense. Experience has shown that both game items are easily lost or broken, which is why a set consisting of 100 cups and ten balls is a good investment. Because beer pong players don’t usually hate food, a drink holder for the pool also makes sense to keep possible second drinks cold. This summery drink holder is ideal for the pool.

Beer Pong Rules

The rules are very simple: Two teams of two face each other at a table tennis table and try to sink two table tennis balls into the opposing team’s cup triangle. The triangle consists of ten cups per team (four, three, two, one). Attention: In Germany, of course, the game is not played without discussions! In order not to enrage BWL-Justus and Jura-Julia, make sure that your elbow is not over the edge of the table when you throw the table tennis ball, because that would be a clear violation of the rules that must be punished. The same applies to repelling the ball, unless it ticks in front of the cups. Then that’s allowed. There are also all sorts of small rules, which you can best look up in a video about the “official” beer pong rules.

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