Suzuki Jimny: Small horse

have you played Tetris? I literally this weekend, Tetris 3D: I had to fit all the necessary travel in a super compact SUV Suzuki Jimny. And I managed it.

When I saw the successor of the legendary “Samurai” for the first time, he seemed to me a sort of baby g, it is especially similar to the German SUV from the side. But Jimny, of course, looks incredibly small, even a little toy. “And if we can make it a planned trip?” I thought and sighed when he saw the trunk, or rather, almost his absence. The new Jimny was 195 mm shorter (its length is 3480 mm), wider by 45 mm (1645 mm) and above 15 mm (1720 mm). Ground clearance increased by 20 mm to 210 mm. And the trunk, which before were insignificant (113 l), decreased to 85 l – some machines the gas tank anymore.

But inside it seems not-so-little, especially due to the high landing. Sit in the driver’s seat was comfortable – excellent visibility through the windshield and side Windows, the seat is quite comfortable. The only thing I’m having problems at the stage of resettlement in a new car, it is impossible to raise the seat so as to look forward was quite comfortable, ie see the hood. Separate height adjustment here, but if moving the seat forward, it lifted at the same time. Had to move closer to the wheel, then why on long trips numb feet – the geometry of the seats in the Jimny is clearly charted under the Japanese the proportions of the body.

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the interior of the Jimny is very simple, I would say, ascetic. Conventional plastic, cloth upholstery, utilitarian design. Buttons low, but they are all on the front panel and underneath that is reasonable – the car is still very compact inside and the driver for example , it is inconvenient to open the window button on the door, it is much easier to reach the right hand forward under the dash. Between the front seats is located the levers of the transmission gear (in my car was a 4-speed automatic, and the most simple equipment comes with a 5-speed manual transmission) and connecting all-wheel drive and low gear. The Cup holders are located closer to the rear seat passengers and the armrest or box between the seats not at all, although they definitely would come in handy – for example to put in them all sorts of stuff. Under the phone there is a small shelf under the buttons, adjust the climate control. There’s also a single USB socket, through which I connected the iPhone to the CarPlay system, although it can be done via Bluetooth.

to Manage system CarPlay, you can use seven-inch touch screen, proudly crowning a torpedo. The screen is divided into four parts radio, navigation, phone calls (if connected) and finally, CarPlay. I have connected to the system incredibly quickly, immediately got access to your contacts, call logs, playlists and instant messengers. Manage your music and calls you can also buttons on the steering wheel, which is very convenient on the road and allows less distraction.

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After connecting smartphone Jimny have been the route using Google Maps. The map can be displayed on one half of the screen and the media player screen, or a call to another. The music system is the most common, though what they were, it would be difficult to please the lover of pure sound due to a not too good sound insulation of the machine.

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Jimny is very maneuverable and nimble. In urban traffic, maneuvering confidently in small yards and completely irreplaceable – and drive between machines, and to avoid someone on the sidewalk can easily. In the city I four-wheel drive is not hooked up, and after the first snowfall, the car began to skid on the turns even at low speed. Suspension is very stiff on bumps small car jumped, even when I tried to move them very slowly. But easily parked, fit even into the smallest Parking spaces. Due to the good review it comfortable to maneuver in tight spaces, and this despite the absence of what cameras side or rear view, but even the conventional PDC. In General, one or two of us to move around the city on the Jimny had a great time.

Main test was a trip to the country. Need to fit in a jeep toddler broad-shouldered husband, a child with a child seat and a grandmother with several bags. Back in the Jimny can only fit two people, no options, and not three “in close quarters, but not mad”. If you do not fold the rear seats, in the trunk you can put a couple of packs of writing paper (wide). But in a secret niche, which is hidden under a cover on the bottom of the trunk, stacked “set motorist” and first aid kit, although it is very surprising that they got in there. If the rear seats are folded, the boot capacity is obtained 377 L. But then dzhipchik will not fit the child and the grandmother. It started Tetris. Unbelievable some of the bags got into the trunk in flattened condition, and the rest are located on the armrests of the rear seat. The fact is that under the rear Windows have little shelves on them-and managed to place the remaining bags. Amazing! I looked at loaded the car and couldn’t believe my eyes – how have we done this?

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Two hours passed easily enough, though he felt that on the road the Jimny… freezes. The maximum speed that can develop the car with the engine of 1.5 liter capacity of 102 HP and automatic transmission – 140 km/h. Starts easy enough (1110 kg) SUV is quite quick, and to drive faster than 100-110 km/h he was already hard – he starts talking in a rut, there is a feeling that now it will carry the crosswind, and to accelerate, have a long and painful pressure on the gas.

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But in the field, and off-road Jimny like a wild beast finally broke free. He easily skated over all the potholes effortlessly moved through the ditch to a depth of 30 cm, were chosen from dirt, and the next day when it froze and the roads turned into a skating rink, he showed a master class of driving on ice. However, the animal was also quite noisy – driving off-road, the Jimny becomes a rattle, clinks and rattles from all sides, even if the trunk is empty and the cabin is nothing.

Husband, ride on car, said my car is not that small (although it is a compact car), but four-year-old confidently announced that she like this car more than ours, because “she’s such a sweet little thing.” Grandmother until the end and did not believe that could fit in the car along with bags and drive with comfort. I liked to sit high, drive everywhere and finally to hear in crowded cars the courts grind on the curbs bumpers and other parts from the bottom of the machine. Just not sure I’m ready for a daily game of Tetris, albeit with such a nice “Samurai”.

For the week, we drove just over 400 km in the city and on the highway, consumption 9.9 l/100 km. the price of Suzuki Jimny starts from 1.36 million RUB over the version with manual transmission. In the top GLX specification, which we had on the test drive, the SUV is from 1.57 million RUB from without any extra options.