Gifts for gamers are tricky when the giver isn’t really into the game. In this way you can still make your gambling friend happy.

Some dive into films, others into books and gamers into games. What caused a frown in many people some time ago has now arrived in the mainstream. Gone are the days when your favorite hobby – sitting all night with friends in front of a PC or console – was shown off rather coyly than confidently.

Anyone who has a gamer as a boyfriend or girlfriend and would like to give him or her a present will quickly find themselves standing in front of the iceberg and wondering what the gamer wants from these wondrous devices. And the question is not that easy to answer, because some play on the PC, others on the Xbox and again prefer to play Nintendo titles. But don’t worry, there are universal gadgets that make every gamer happy.

1. Nintendo Switch

One of those gifts is undoubtedly the Nintendo Switch. Even the most die-hard PC gamers will find it very difficult to say no to the console. The reason for this is, of course, the many Nintendo titles that are extremely popular among gamers, such as “Zelda” or games from the “Super Mario” universe. And playing with friends is especially fun with the Switch. A console that belongs in every living room.

2. Mouse Bungee

If you want to give a PC gamer a little treat, a so-called mouse bungee is ideal for this. Use it to tuck in a mouse cord so it doesn’t get tangled on the desk. Mouse bungees are one of those things that you think are redundant, but once a PC gamer uses the mouse bungee, they never want to be without them.

3. Wireless gaming mouse

Alternatively, give away a wireless gaming mouse like the Razer Viper Ultimate. Unfortunately, the premium models of wireless gaming mice are not exactly cheap. The Razer Viper Ultimate convinces with a particularly low weight of only 74 grams. Gamers still benefit from up to 70 hours of battery life according to the manufacturer. The mouse draws power from the PC via a USB-C cable.

4. Xbox-Controller 

The same applies if you want to send a gamer a new controller. Here it is important to find out beforehand which console he is playing on, because a PlayStation freak can do little with an Xbox controller. However, PC gamers and Xbox enthusiasts are equally happy about it, because the Xbox controller harmonizes with Windows and Xbox.

5. Xbox Series S

And while we’re at it, how about an Xbox Series S? The little new one from Microsoft is one of the few next-gen consoles that are still available for purchase. But you should note one thing: The Xbox Series X does not have enough power for a 4K television. If the recipient is playing on a Full HD telly, the console fits perfectly.

6. Headset mount

The headset is one of the most important gaming gadgets for gamers, after all you don’t just play with your eyes, you also try to hear your opponents. A headset is also great for throwing into the corner after a lost game. Those who would rather give their ear cups a nice place on the desk should put them on a headset holder provided for this purpose.

7. PlayStation-Abo

PlayStation fans, meanwhile, are still left in the dark because it’s still not easy to get your paws on a PlayStation 5. That’s why many gamers are still sitting in front of the PlayStation 4. But you’ll still make them happy if you cover the costs for the PlayStation Plus membership. If your loved one gambles on the Xbox or PC, the membership card for Xbox Live is ideal.

8. Fifa Points

Old guard gamers shy away from digital goods like Diablo the Nephalem. However, those born after 1999 don’t know any different and are more than willing to burn their money in the depths of the internet. Prime example are the Fifa points. “Fifa” is a football game that somehow feels the same every year and yet always works. One reason for this is the “Ultimate Team” game mode, in which players buy virtual packages containing the pros. The aim is to build your dream team from all the stars. The collectible aspect is reminiscent of the era of Pokémon cards with their booster packs. Fifa players are therefore particularly happy about Fifa coins, because until a player has put together his dream eleven, he or she usually has to dig deep into his or her pocket.

9. Gaming-Merchandise

Really hardened gamers are always happy about merchandise from their favorite games. Of course, you have to find out beforehand which games the person receiving the gift likes to play. If gamers like to romp about in the universes of Blizzard, the small figures from Cute but deadly might be a good fit.

Beer-drinking “Call of Duty” gamers ideally drink their cold drinks from the right beer glass.

A gaming room decorates Toad from the world of “Super Mario”.

And League of Legends fans can look forward to their favorite heroes as action figures.

10. Gifts for gamers: The insider tip

If you still haven’t found anything suitable, you’ll have to dig deep into your bag of tricks. To this day, no gambler has complained about comfortable jogging pants in which they can indulge in their favorite hobby in comfort. And let’s be honest: Almost everyone enjoys a jogging whip.

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