Olivia Jones invites you to the big “celebrity penance”. Eleven polarizing stars confront their public missteps in the new reality show.

A new reality show promises an explosive summer: In “The Big Celebrity Penance” (from Thursday, July 7, 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and Joyn), stars are confronted with their sins and missteps. Who is in the party and what can the celebrities expect?


Elena Miras (30), who has great reality TV experience, denies “the big celebrity penance”. She was already a candidate in “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”, in the jungle camp and “Celebrities under Palm Trees” and was recently able to take home the victory in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Calvin Kleinen (30) also doesn’t miss a reality show and after “Temptation Island” was part of the “Couple Challenge”.

Daniele Negroni (26) also starred in the latter two years earlier. The singer became known through “DSDS” in 2012 and moved to the jungle camp in 2018. In the same year, Matthias Mangiapane (38) was also on the RTL reality show. The “Summer House of the Stars” and “Celebrities under Palm Trees” are also among his TV appearances. Ennesto Monté (47) became known through his “Summer House” participation in 2017 and also took part in “Celebrities under Palm Trees”. In the “summer house” at his side was his fiancée Helena Fürst (48). She was previously known for her show “Helena Fürst – Attorney for the Poor” and caused controversy with various reality TV appearances such as the jungle camp.

Ex-“GNTM” candidate Gisele Oppermann (34) polarized in the model casting show in 2008, which also brought her some reality TV jobs, including “Adam sucht Eva”. Ex-tennis player Daniel Koellerer (38) has two reality shows with “Promi Big Brother” (2015) and “Adam sucht Eva” (2016). Carina Spack (26) began her TV career as a “Bachelor” candidate in 2018. After that she became a popular reality TV candidate with “Bachelor in Paradise”, “Celebrities under Palm Trees” and “Prominent Separated” with explosive Potential.

Influencer Tessa Hövel and YouTuber Simex have so far had no reality show experience, but missteps with which they attracted media attention. Hövel threw a big birthday party in the middle of the Corona lockdown in 2021. In the same year, Simex released a video in which he allegedly threw a bag of dog waste at a cyclist in Spain.

concept and moderation

Olivia Jones (52) will take on the candidates on the new show. “I would not have thought it possible that I would have to take someone’s confession,” she says in a ProSieben statement. She also explains the concept: “In the ’round of shame’, the reality bad boys and girls will answer my questions. We put the celebrities on the pot and confront them with their misconduct.” It’s exciting to see what the stars would do with this second chance. Matthias Mangiapane has to go to the confessional first at the start of the show.

Jones not only confronts the celebrities, who at best show sincere remorse, with their biggest faux pas and talks them into their consciences. The candidates move to a camp together and have to do without any luxury. Furthermore, they have to master challenging challenges.