The UN security Council meeting on Crimea was not the delegation of the United States, Ukraine, Estonia and Britain

the delegation of the four countries — USA, Ukraine, Estonia and Britain — was not initiated by Russia on the UN security Council meeting on Crimea. The meeting was held according to the “Appia” — such meetings do not relate directly to the activities of the security Council, and consultation may invite not only diplomats, but also representatives of the public and non-governmental organizations.

the meeting was made by the inhabitants of the Crimea, reports RIA Novosti. This meeting was a continuation of the event, held on March 6, when the organizers-representatives of the West refused to give the floor to the Crimean people.

the Russian permanent mission issued a statement expressing regret over the fact that the Ukrainian delegation “did not dare” to participate in the meeting on 21 may. The report notes that Russian officials did not shy away from meeting on 6 March. They also noted that they were ready and wanted to provide the representatives of Kiev “podium and a platform for dialogue with people living in the Crimea”.

the Delegation, didn’t attend the meeting, not only violated the practice of having SAT in similar meetings, but also “demonstrated a disregard for the residents of the Crimea, about whose fate they claim to care”, said the permanent mission of the Russian Federation.

Russian diplomats congratulated residents of Crimea with the fact that the meeting was held on may 21, calling it a great success in the security Council. They noted that will continue to ensure that information about life on the Peninsula is not distorted in favor of those who did not know about it and are not interested in the opinion of the Crimean people.

If Western diplomats have heard the reasons why the residents of Crimea to vote for reunification with Russia, it would have been for them a revelation, according to the permanent mission of the Russian Federation. Over the past six years, Kiev has made openly hostile actions against the inhabitants of the Peninsula, they said.