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Traffic: Seriously injured driver found hours after the accident


A 31-year-old man drove his car off a country road and rolled down a cliff. He was seriously injured – but initially nobody noticed the accident…

A seriously injured driver was discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia hours after an accident by alert cyclists.

His car came to rest on the roof about 150 meters from a country road – difficult to see from the road, the police said on Monday. The 31-year-old probably lay next to the car all night in severe pain.

He probably got off the road late on Saturday evening on the L218 between Nideggen-Schmidt and Hürtgenwald-Vossenack. The lane position indicates that the vehicle was driving on a sloping serpentine road and left the roadway in a sharp right turn.

Cyclists called for help

The car drove through a depression in the embankment, crashed into a fence post and drove down a steep meadow slope. Because of the sloping terrain and high vegetation, the car was in principle not visible to passing road users, it said.

The two attentive cyclists discovered the vehicle and the man lying next to it on Sunday morning and informed the police. Because of the severity of his injuries, a police interview was not possible. A rescue helicopter brought the 31-year-old to a clinic.