Tragic accident on a farm in Upper Bavaria: A ten-year-old is found lifeless in the stable of his parents’ farm. All rescue attempts fail.

A ten-year-old boy was killed by a cow in the stable of his parents’ farm in Feldkirchen-Westerham near Munich.

After the injuries, the child was probably crushed by the animal, said the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South. Investigators are currently assuming that the boy was pushed against a wall by a cow and suffered fatal injuries.

The parents are said to have been busy working in the stable on Thursday afternoon. The son is said to have been there and was finally discovered unconscious by the parents.

Accidents involving cows are not uncommon

Exactly how the accident happened is still unclear. According to the police, relatives had informed the integrated control center around 5:45 p.m. Despite emergency medical efforts, the boy died in a hospital in the evening, the police said. The Rosenheim criminal police have started the investigation. The “Passauer Neue Presse” and the “Rosenheim24” portal had previously reported on it.

Accidents involving cows are not that rare. “It happens again and again that there are serious or fatal accidents with cattle when working in the barn or on the pasture because the animals have a large mass,” said the press spokesman for the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South, Stefan Sonntag. “Especially in a barn where it is narrower, there is a higher risk that an animal will push you against a wall or stable box.” The animal does not have to behave aggressively.

There are particular dangers on alpine pastures if suckler cows are disturbed with their calves. It can be dangerous, especially when dogs are involved. Austria has long established rules for hikers, and signs in Bavaria also warn of cattle. An incident in Austria made headlines in 2014 when a dog owner was trampled to death by a herd that probably wanted to protect her calves from the dog.