A strapless bra is undoubtedly practical, because no straps flash through in light outfits. But what is there to consider when buying so that it also offers support? We have tips and tricks.

Especially on warmer days, when we pull out strapless dresses or tops from the closet, it is the ideal companion: a strapless bra. Straps no longer flash and shoulders can tan evenly. So that the bra stays in place without straps, you should choose the right model.

There is the classic strapless bra, the stick-on bra and nipple covers. Depending on the choice of outfit, one of the models should be chosen. With a Carmen or Bardot neckline, a classic strapless bra is certainly a good choice. It gives more stand than the other variants. It is also a good choice for dresses or tops with spaghetti straps. Tops or dresses with very wide necklines or those with transparency are best combined with a stick-on bra or also a nipple cover. But there is more to consider with the different variants:

1. Classic strapless bra

A strapless bra should provide support and not slide down. As with the purchase of a classic bra, the cup size and width should fit exactly. To ensure support, a strapless bra in a corset-like shape with a silicone band on the inside is ideal. The model does not slip on women with smaller or larger bust sizes and sits comfortably without you having to constantly tug at it.

Women with a smaller bust size can also use maximizers, which give the breasts more shape and volume from below. These models are available in a strapless version and with straps. Such a strapless bra is particularly suitable for wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline.

But it also works the other way around: If you have a large bust size and want to reduce it a little, you can wear a strapless minimizer bra in combination with a summer outfit, with sewn-in underwires for stability. He gets by without deposits, because he is not supposed to enlarge. It goes well with tighter off-the-shoulder tops or dresses. You can also choose the classic unlined bandeau bra, which also does not provide a push-up effect and is also very comfortable to wear, especially on hot days.

2. Self-adhesive or stick-on bra

A stick-on bra is especially practical when the outfit is backless and strapless. This model is also helpful for wedding dresses or ball gowns that are transparent in the shoulder and back areas. It should be snug and not slip. Most models are reusable if washed with warm water and mild soap. After that, the bra should air dry and can then be worn again.

3. Nipple Cover

Nipple covers can no longer be described as a strapless bra, because they don’t support the breasts, but usually only cover what is absolutely necessary. However, some variants can also be attached to the chest and thus lift them up. Nipple covers can be helpful for garments made of satin or silk. Similar to the stick-on bra, most nipple covers can also be washed and reused.

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