Comedian Jason Selvig attended the NRA’s annual meeting in Houston, Texas, and spoke on a panel with its leader. His sarcastic speech is now doing the rounds on the internet.

There is hardly an organization that is more controversial in the USA than the NRA – the National Rifle Association. But there is hardly anyone who has more influence on politics and society, since in the United States the right to own a firearm is actually enshrined in the constitution. An absurd idea in almost all other countries.

Regrettably, rampages and school shootings in the USA regularly show how dangerous the barely regulated gun ownership is. In Uvalde, Texas, 19 elementary school children and three adults recently died. Since then, the gun lobby has been more in the discussion than ever. Ironically, shortly after the tragic killing spree in Uvalde, the NRA annual meeting was held, and that too in Texas. Cynically, guns were banned at the multi-day meeting in Houston.

The NRA is currently more controversial than ever

The gathering was surrounded by protests from the start this year. Inside the premises, however, those in favor of gun ownership were mostly among themselves. Until a young man stood up and spoke at a panel discussion with NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre. At first it sounded like just another gun enthusiast voicing his opinion and complaining about outside criticism. But those present quickly felt that something was wrong – and LaPierre on stage also suddenly seemed irritated.

“My name is Jason Selvig and I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida. I want to say that I’m fed up with the left-wing media, and quite frankly the people in this room, spreading misinformation about Wayne LaPierre whenever there’s a shooting,” said the young man. “They all say that Wayne LaPierre is not doing enough to prevent mass shootings, or even that he is complicit in the guns being given to the perpetrators.”

Repeated mass shootings

According to Selvig, such accusations were made “after Las Vegas, after the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, after Columbine, after Parkland, after Virginia Tech, after El Paso, after Buffalo”. A painful listing of many terrible assassinations. He ended his speech sarcastically: “However, the NRA, led by Wayne LaPierre, has always had thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. Perhaps if we all thought and prayed a little more, these shootings would end? Me ask everyone in this room to think and pray, give thoughts and prayers and leave some thoughts and prayers for the victims.”

“We are thinking of you and praying for you” – that was the reaction of representatives of the gun lobby again and again when many people lost their lives in a large shooting. Because thoughts and prayers do not call for changes, no new laws and no restrictions – however, they do not help the victims and their relatives one bit either. A hypocritical sentence. Selvig drew attention to this with his snappy appearance at the meeting.

His brief address and the embarrassed reaction of those present and the chairman were caught on video. Since then, almost 27,000 people have seen it, most of whom praise the comedian for the action.

Sources: Youtube, “Indy100”