A man opened fire at a mall in Indiana, killing at least three people. The shooter himself was also shot – but not by the police.

At least three people have been shot dead in a mall in Indiana, USA. The alleged shooter was also killed – by an armed civilian, a police representative said on Sunday evening. Two other people were injured. The incident happened at a shopping center in the city of Greenwood on Sunday. The shooter entered the mall’s dining area and opened fire.

USA: Indiana gunman’s motive unclear

It was an adult man, the motive was unclear, it said. According to the information, he had more ammunition with him and a suspicious backpack was found. The alleged shooter was eventually shot dead by a 22-year-old man who was also at the mall and was legally carrying a gun. It is a “good Samaritan” and a “hero”, according to the police representative. “We are devastated by another incident of this nature in our country, in our city,” he said.

Fatal incidents involving firearms continue to occur in the United States. Just two weeks ago, a 21-year-old man opened fire at an Independence Day parade in a Chicago suburb, killing seven people. A debate is raging in the USA about stricter gun laws – in many states the regulations are very lax.