After around 30 years, Vera Int-Veen ended her television career in March 2022. How does the former presenter spend her “pension”?

It’s been almost two months since Vera Int-Veen (54) announced the end of her television career. The TV presenter stood in front of the cameras for around 30 years. In the “VIPstagram” interview with RTL, she revealed what the 54-year-old does with the newfound time.

“I wear sweatpants a lot more,” notes Vera Int-Veen. “When I know we don’t have to be in front of a camera, I already have my jogging sleeve on in the morning and say: ‘Hello world, here I am.'” However, the former presenter does not only withdraw at home. She is currently taking a break in Mallorca with her wife Christiane “Obi” Obermann (46), the two married there in 2016.

Vera Int-Veen wants to catch up on her honeymoon

There are other travel plans, as Vera Int-Veen announces: the couple has not had a honeymoon since the wedding almost six years ago. “We will catch up on that in the next twelve months.” It should “go around the world and it should definitely include Hawaii,” says Int-Veen.

Quitting after three decades was “a good time”, Int-Veen reflects on her exit from TV. “I prefer to decide to stop before someone comes and says: ‘We don’t want Olle anymore.’ Now I’m leaving with a happy, warm feeling.”

Vera Int-Veen started her TV career in the 1990s. From 1996 to 2006 she presented the Sat.1 talk show “Vera am Mittag”. Since 2007 she has presented the RTL formats “Daughter-in-law wanted” and “Helper with heart” (until 2012).