The heat is slowly coming to Germany. At the beginning of the month, temperatures are rising in many places.

At the beginning of the meteorological summer this Wednesday, the right weather is slowly coming into view in Germany.

“With a view to the maximum values, one has to say that the weather will sleep through this start, but will wake up in the course of the second half of the week,” said meteorologist Tobias Reinartz from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach on Tuesday. The south always stays a few degrees ahead of the north.

T-shirts can already be taken out of the closet on Wednesday in the south with sunshine and temperatures of up to 25 degrees. In the cloudy north, on the other hand, it will be difficult to warm up to 20 degrees at most, and there may also be showers and thunderstorms. It’s similar on Thursday.

The weather is expected to change on Friday. It is getting a few degrees warmer all over Germany, in the middle and in the north the weather is also showing its friendly side. It looks completely different south of the Main. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are possible during the day, heavy rain and hail are also possible. The DWD does not rule out local storms.