Günther Jauch had to “Who wants to be a millionaire?” practice patience once more. A candidate from the Ruhr area made him despair.

On Monday evening (July 18), Günther Jauch (66) once again had to be patient. The moderator got it on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” to do with a talkative candidate from the Ruhr area, who took part in the RTL quiz show (also via RTL ) for the second time – this time she finally made it onto the council chair. However, the 500-euro question made Christine Kurzmann from Essen despair.

“I’ve never heard that before,” she said after Jauch wanted to know from her: “Talking about a specific topic – or: something …? A: clowning, B: squeezing, C: screwing up or D: hex.” The candidate was not familiar with any of the four terms. She then assumed that Jauch had “wrongly emphasized” the answers and tried to lure the correct answer out of the moderator. In her opinion, Jauch responded with a “Joa” after asking if he and his wife would “witch” each other about a topic. She made the audience laugh, but Jauch denied this.

“You do what you want now”

“So you do and believe and now do what you want,” said the visibly annoyed moderator, who then drew the candidate’s attention to her joker options. After she helped the audience to give the right answer – “A: messing around”, Jauch complained before the commercial break: “My goodness, where did I just get into here?” In the end, Kurzmann took home 32,000 euros.