As two students created a Federal network of dry car wash

In late 2010, two students of MSU — 21-year-old Cheboksary Oleg Gerasimov and 19-year-old Muscovite Gennady Khokhlov — launched service car wash Fast dry & Shine. The idea was spied during the internship in the US, when I saw a tube of teenagers washing cars without water. Washers sprayed on the body liquid detergent and rubbed with a cloth: it turned out clean and fast. American tool called Prolong, and released his company GoldenWest Lubricants. Investments amounted to only 40 000 RUB Partners bought the vehicle, rags, and agreed with the trading center “Chas PIK” on the ring road. And started on the Parking.

five years Fast & Shine has developed into a network of car washes with revenues of 350 million rubles., own detergent and sold 120 franchises in Russia, Israel and CIS countries. Partners did not stop there and developed the “Uber for car”. The application was not successful, but awoke in the creators interest in IT. Now half of the 90 full-time employees of the company are programmers, and grown to half-a-billion turnover business Fast & Shine serves as a source of financing factory start-UPS. Partners have already launched several Internet projects as a successful or failure.

a monopoly on the purity

the Second shopping center after the “rush Hour”, which is Fast & Shine signed the contract, was the Lotte Plaza on Novinsky Boulevard, where the company began to provide wash services, deducting the Mall 10% of revenues. There’s also the Ukrainians and Gerasimov got his first corporate clients: the Lotte Plaza there were cars from the corporate parks of BP and “Walt Disney KOMPANI of the CIS”. The guys offered to wash cars at a price of ordinary car wash nearby, while the cost of dry washing was higher — 200-300 rubles, because of the high cost detergent, which had to be ordered in the United States.

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