That prevents firing of incompetent bosses

Not many decisions are given to top managers just as hard as the dismissal of someone from their team. Even the most risky innovation, mass layoffs and major acquisitions do not cause as much mental anguish as the need to part with someone from senior managers.

Recently this was an issue the President of the division at a major manufacturing company. Let’s call him Kyle. One of the Vice presidents of sales for the third quarter in a row does not fulfill the plan. To assist him, he dispatched a mentor, allocated additional resources, but to rectify the situation and failed. Staff assigned to the region, which was ruled by the Vice-President, started to quit. It would be logical to remove the Vice President from office immediately, but Kyle could not decide. “I want to give him another chance, he said. – Is it bad that I want to do all that it finally happened?”

In this Kyle is not alone, but he is the head of one of the most successful units always have to make difficult decisions. To fire people is not easy, including from an emotional point of view. But to avoid the decision, only to delay the inevitable and worsen the consequences of ineffective work in a responsible position.

experience of working with top managers, I identified five behaviours that often impede to take the hard but necessary decision. They need time to recognize and adjust, otherwise your hesitation will only bring harm.

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