How to make 120 million roubles on the mixture of fish and vegetables

idea for a business Andrey Filichev and Yekaterina Kholopova learned in the news Bloomberg. 32-year-old Filichev worked as a creative Director in a small advertising Agency, a 28-year-old Kholopov, an engineer by education, worked as a consultant in an international company. They read that the US boom of salads in cardboard bowls. This trend will inevitably come to Russia, I thought Kholopov and Filichev. They tested the idea on the gastronomic festivals of the capital themselves standing at the stove. Prepared smoothies and Hawaiian appetizers – the so-called pok, popular with surfers. Raw fish in the marinade and vegetables, diced and laid out in the common plate separately, without mixing.

Profit for the fairs were small but steady. And in 2018 Kholopov and Filichev quit his job and opened a café Soul in the Bowl. Now in Moscow operates their own factory / kitchen and three points on foodmarket: in “Moscow-city” gastronomic quarter “Depot” and on the food court of the Department store “Color”. During the half year, revenue amounted to 120 million rubles.

Soup smoothie

the menu is Based on Soul in the Bowl – pok and smoothies. Kholopova and Filichev tried them on vacation, during a trip to Asia in 2016 In Bali they liked smoothies, decorated with slices of berries, bananas, nuts, cereal, etc. Bottled it like soup directly in the bowl (the dish is called a smoothie bowl, English bowl – a bowl). Taste the smoothie to the bowl resembled a melted sorbet, Kholopova says. Bali smoothie bowls are in demand, it cools in the heat and looks lovely in the photos. But aspiring restaurateurs doubted that in Moscow someone will buy this refreshing dessert in the winter. Kholopova and Filichev began to look for a dish that could be the main menu. They went to Singapore and Malaysia (in the Bloomberg article mentioned that there is also the popular pok) and tried this hearty Hawaiian food also served as a main dish. This is what you need, decided Kholopov and Filichev.

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