Why business bad helps solve the problems of mankind

the Most urgent problems of mankind – hunger, poverty, unemployment, environmental pollution, overcoming inequality – require the joint efforts of States and private business. To attract business to the solution of these problems, the United Nations (UN) has developed 17 sustainable development goals (sdgs). However, the 15-year period allotted by the UN for achieving these goals, it’s been four years, and today, the main question is, did the company’s major steps or just doing massive PR. Our internal studies indicate the latter.

From 2000 to 2015, many leading players in different sectors of the economy have come to understand that it is possible even to gain competitive advantage and extract a good profit, helping to fight poverty and hunger, developing quality education, generating clean energy and performing other sdgs. The Commission, chaired by former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman said that to achieve sdgs, the business acquires a new business opportunity $12 trillion.

According to the UN Global compact, more than 80% of 9500 corporate parties to the Treaty pledged to work towards achieving one or more goals. 95% of these companies said that will provide “significant” or “substantial” impact. But how is it in reality?

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