What good and bad new year parties

this year new year corporate parties will be greater than in the past, now renting for employees, clubs, order refreshments and artists, says Egor Dobrogorskiy, Director General of event of Communicator Creative Events Agency. It is estimated that on average, in 2019, the corporate event for 400 people without the invitation of pop stars is worth 11 million rubles Corporate event for 1000 employees with an invitation to the star level or Valerie of Viagra will cost 18 million rubles Of which 25 000 euros will be spent only on the fee of the singer, says dobrohirs’ke.

According to a recent research (SuperJob and “AlfaStrakhovanie”), at least three quarters of the staff would prefer the corporate award. “Vedomosti” decided to find out how the joint celebration of the New year to effectively reward employees. At the request of the editorial Board Kelly Services and Online Market Intelligence (OMI) interviewed employees. The results were obvious.


According to Kelly Services, 73% of respondents (out of 1472 respondents) reported that their company will pursue a corporate event this year. To participate collected 39% of employees with the planned corporate. Another 21% of respondents will participate in the party, if in the mood, at 19.5 per cent, the idea causes irritation.

From the comments of respondents, it follows that many would be happy to participate but afraid of the disapproval of the authorities. One Respondent wrote: “Engaged more for show, if the user is conducting the event must be present”.

after Paying the money, the company expects that employees will attend the event, said dobrohirs’ke. According to him, in order to reduce costs and to ensure attendance, many companies have 3-4 years in a row charge employees a small fee. Ticket for an ordinary employee can cost up to 1,500 rubles for a top Managera – 5000 RUB. to the Person who paid for the event, is unlikely to pass, says dobrohirs’ke.

How companies check in the Internet And why do employers manage this bad Management

About a quarter of companies ‘ corporate events are held only for a limited number of employees. This was reported by 21.3 percent of the respondents Kelly Services. In the comments respondents talked about the corporate parties only for Union members or for the bosses where employees are not invited. One Respondent wrote that in his company’s office party is for employees only retail, but not for office workers. The other is that the festival is arranged only for the management in the headquarters, but not for employees in the regions. And this causes resentment among the respondents.

There are psychological reasons for the resistance to corporate events, said the partner of the company ECOPSY consulting Maria Makarochkina. According to her, employees are Millennials do not want to attend a corporate party, because they have enough communication out of the office and in social networks. At work, they adhere to Western values – in the office we have to work and look for friends. Typical comment of the respondents-critics: “I don’t want to meet colleagues outside working hours”.

Salary is not a replacement

As it turned out, the corporate not too stimulate employees to work better. 61.7% of the respondents Kelly Services said that after a corporate party, their productivity does not change. Another 4.2% said that relations with colleagues and superiors after a holiday deteriorate (and performance decreases). One Respondent wrote that the corporate party takes place on Thursday, the alcohol flows like water, and on Friday almost the whole office is dysfunctional.

34.1% of the respondents OMI (from 9836 respondents full-time employment) is completely or largely agree that corporate VDknowlet them to work. And most of all, according to OMI who do not believe in the beneficial effects of corporate productivity among the older respondents – in the age 45-54 years (37.2 per cent).

More than a third of the respondents Kelly Services (36.5 per cent) said that parties do not influence their attitude towards the employer because they do not compensate for gaps in HR policies: low wages, lack of benefits package for employees, inconvenient schedule, regular overtime, poor working conditions, etc.

Both the survey also showed that most employees would trade a corporate on something else. According to OMI, 69,4% of respondents full-time employment would prefer a prize, another 7.4 percent – shorter working hours or an extra day off, and 9.3% were satisfied would be a good gift.

good to remember

Sometimes events leave very pleasant memories, says Tatiana Trofimova, Director of personnel of the company “Water Novokurinskaya” in Yekaterinburg. She remembers partying at the same place of work. Employees from different, scattered throughout the Ural branches of the company gathered in Yekaterinburg and staged a play. Each unit was prepared in advance his part of the speech and people were sent to corporate as on tour, says Trofimova.

Corporate and tradition and duty, and pleasure, wrote to Respondent Kelly Services. Although such parties of vigor and zeal in the work is not increased, the relationship between colleagues become warmer, wrote another, it is beneficial to workflow. The third Respondent said that in the relaxed atmosphere of the party manages to successfully allow 2-3 business conflict.

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All those who are positive attitude towards tocorporativa, more than critics. According to the OMI survey, 54.6 percent of respondents with full-time employment completely or largely agree that the corporate events that inspire them to work better, while 14% of respondents would not change corporate for anything else.

Particularly, according to the OMI, a high proportion of those who would not change corporate anything else, among employees aged 35-44 years (17.2 per cent), least of all such among the youth of 18-24 years (10.4 percent). Most of all I love new year corporate parties residents of small towns with a population of 100 000-250 000 people (15.6 per cent would not trade them for anything else).

In anticipation of the tale

the People look forward to parties because under the New year I want the feeling of a fairy tale, says Makarochkina. Family people, she continues, often spend new year’s eve with relatives, but a corporate event is an opportunity to celebrate with peers, make some noise, to dance, to discuss the results and relax after years of hard work.

And 19.5% of the respondents Kelly Services believe that the parties – not even the privilege and the obligation of the employer.

So despite the difficult times, arrange for the employees the Christmas holidays, while trying to change the format of the event, so it is not confined to dance and feast, says an independent event producer Vlad Metreveli. According to his observations, more and more companies are added to the Christmas program elements of team building, sum up the results and reward the best employees. And some companies have a joint output of the employees in the theater or combine a corporate event with a visit to the Museum exhibition, says Elena Kaminska, expert on HR Strategic Business Partners. According to her, such forms of corporate events are cheaper, and benefit from them more. These outputs staff can then recall the whole year, she says.

Plans 2019

Vedomosti asked 15 large companies, if they were going to arrange a Christmas party for employees this year. Openly admitted in the great corporate only Raiffeisenbank. According to the representative of the Bank, a Christmas party will cover all employees of Raiffeisenbank in Moscow for just 5,000 people. The party will be held outside of the office. In the regions, the Bank holds private parties and corporate events.

In the savings Bank and Unilever, according to the press services of companies, new year’s holidays are arranged only in the units. According to a representative of Unilever, each Department its own budget for the event.

In MTS, according to the company, no traditional corporate new year party. Instead, he has for several years organized grocery quests and other activities, demonstrating the company focused on digitalization.

the employees of the group “Tinkoff” for the fourth consecutive year go along to the rink. This year they will go to the skating rink on red square, and then a buffet. As “RusHydro” and “Rostelecom” have informed that do not organise new year parties and corporate events. According to the representative of “RusHydro”, the company presents the 22nd of December, on the eve of Day of power engineers certificates of merit to outstanding employees. But Rostelecom holds a Christmas charity fair, Christmas sends mail, creates the office Christmas photo zone and organize a variety of office surprises.

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new year celebration will be only then useful, if the HR Director knows in advance the answer to the question, what is the purpose of the event, said Trofimova. The company needs to tell all the staff that she had good financial results? Or need to rally the team? For each objective requires its own action plan. Even the Seating has a value, said Trofimovand.

Should interview all employees to understand who has what achievements and who for what services you should reward, says Helen nekhaeva, Director of auditing and consulting company Insight. In her opinion, any encouragement and rewarding of employees at the Christmas party should be individualized. And then people will be interested and pleased to note New year in the company of colleagues and managers, nekhaeva notes.