What is necessary for students from universities in the twenty-first century

Employers puzzled, peering into the gap between required skills and skills that they can offer potential employees. According to the world economic forum, slightly less than 30% of companies believe that they have the right personnel in the field of digital technology, a poll by The Wall Street Journal showed that 89% of managers struggle to find candidates with the required set of such socio-psychological skills like teamwork, ability to communicate and adaptability.

Higher education have yet to reach a new level and to bridge the gap. Huge number of students have little to learn from learning, and too many – 40% – do not master the four-year program in six years.

One of the reasons for such inconclusive results is that schools do not know what students hope to achieve in entering the University. In other words, the universities did not consider the task you put in front of him coming.

Professor at Harvard business school, Clayton Christensen articulated the theory of Jobs to Be Done (“Task that should be performed”). In his book “the Law of successful innovation. Why the client “hires” your product and how this knowledge helps new developments,” he writes: “Buying a product, we, in fact, “pokajem” it to perform a particular work”, ie we strive to achieve results in some situations.

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