The earth shook in Baden-Württemberg on Saturday afternoon. A magnitude of 4.1 was measured on the Richter scale near the town of Hechingen in the Zollernalb district.

The Swabian Alb was shaken by a strong earthquake on Saturday. The quake had a magnitude of 4.1, its epicenter was near the city of Hechingen in the Zollernalb district, as announced by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior in Stuttgart. The tremors were felt within a radius of around 50 kilometers. The State Office for Geology classified the earthquake as “moderately strong”; slight damage cannot be ruled out.

Earthquakes in the Swabian Jura are not uncommon

It was initially unclear whether the quake, which occurred at 1:47 p.m., actually caused damage. The region around the epicenter is comparatively sparsely populated.

The Swabian Alb is a tectonically restless zone, the earth keeps shaking here. In September 1978 there was a strong tremor in the region, leaving severe damage to buildings and infrastructure. This quake measured 5.7 on the Richter scale.