Entertainer Désirée Nick and influencer twenty4tim have teamed up again.

When it comes to gossip, Desirée Nick (65) is not fooling anyone. The cabaret artist regularly makes the headlines with her sharp tongue. But now the 65-year-old shows herself in an unusual setting. With the successful influencer twenty4tim (21), she causes a stir at Kaufland instead of on the red carpet. Not the first meeting of the prominent couple. Nick has also appeared in twenty4tim’s music clip “Bling Bling”.

Has a kind of friendship developed between you and twenty4tim in the meantime?

Desirée Nick: We met and “love” each other while shooting Tim’s music video. Then we deepened the acquaintance in my podcast. Now Tim wants to cook for me. I doubt if he can. That’s why I guide him when he’s shopping. As a mother, I know my way around the supermarket very well and I like to shop myself – regional and fresh. I show Tim what is important when shopping. With the “Marktführer” audio guide, Kaufland also provides acoustic entertainment. It’s like entertainment, here Tim can just put on the headphones and he learns housekeeping and cooking. Otherwise, of course, I recommend our joint episode of my podcast “Lose Luder” to everyone. The boy can really learn a lot from me!

Could you give twenty4tim, who doesn’t have much of an affinity for cooking, with a few tips?

Nick: Of course! To give Tim a taste, I first gave him an easy task: a fruit salad. He says he can’t cook at all, but if you can’t make a fruit salad, you’re just too lazy to chop. I also taught him how to make potato salad and a delicious bratwurst with it. The excuse “Help, I can’t cook” doesn’t apply to these dishes. He also now knows how to hard boil eggs and cut them into eighths. In the meantime, I even trust him to conjure up tomato and mozzarella for me, or even put Vitello Tonnato on the plate and bake a ciabatta. He is an eager student. Maybe he’ll soon be able to fry a steak with a baked potato and sour cream. That’s enough for a blonde housewife for the time being!

Can you just shop in a supermarket without being constantly spoken to?

Nick: It depends on how you present yourself. Sometimes I have to go shopping quickly after a shoot and when I’m all dressed up, it causes quite a stir and people look very closely into my shopping cart. But mostly I do the shopping with sunglasses, a mask and a cap on my head after gardening. I can tell you, everyone notices that I prefer not to be spoken to. If you ask nicely, you also get a selfie.

You have 116,000 followers on Instagram, twenty4tim two million people. Have you ever gotten tips from him when it comes to Instagram?

Nick: Well, I started Insta two years ago. Tim has been maintaining his channels since he was ten. It would also be sad if he had nothing to show after all this time. Also, he does it better than many others because he does it with passion and is very diligent. He’s a pro! I’ve also had decades of careers as a show star, stage actress, podcaster, film and best-selling author. And raised a son. So it is very clear who can learn what from whom here. Don’t forget: I was at the first CSD in 1974, when Tim was still liquid! I definitely get tips from him on how to get ahead on social media, for me it’s more of a hobby.

Is social media a curse or a blessing for you?

Nick: Social media is a bridge to people you would never have reached otherwise. However, anyone who only gets their entire education from it has a very incomplete and incomplete world view. So many overlook the fact that the LGBTQ movement is already 50 years old and that the legal freedoms of the community have been enshrined for 30 years. So please don’t pretend they invented the rainbow flag, fought for gay rights or threw the first stone in Stonewall. Because that was me! Social media is only a partial aspect and for me it’s more like a fairy tale book. Personally, however, I have opened up new fan groups that have never been to the theater before and now consume my podcast and my books.

What projects are you still planning for this year?

Nick: The same as it has been for 40 years: a new book, a cookbook, my show tour in the fall, a movie, various shows and actually two months of vacation in the summer! That’s why I have to be particularly diligent now that I’m pre-producing “Lose Luder”. And my big goal is to get a nice tan!