Football debts, cannabis: what you can earn in 2020

In 2019, the downside risks to the global economy has forced Central banks to lower interest rates. The key rate of the Central Bank since the beginning of the year decreased from 7.75 to 6.25% per annum, the U.S. Federal reserve – from 2.25–2.5 to 1.5–1.75 percent, the ECB key rate remained at zero, and the Deposit – fell from minus 0.4 to minus 0.5%. Falling money has pushed a stock and debt markets: Russian, American, Brazilian stock index gained about 28%, while the Turkish and Chinese – about 21% in local currencies.

next year this trend will continue, according to most respondents, “Vedomosti” experts: rates continue to fall on fears of global recession, and the economies pumping money will continue to disperse and stock markets.

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