Mobira had a record influx of private investors

the Falling interest rates of Bank deposits, the powerful bullish trend on the Russian stock market and investment the rapid development of mobile applications has led to a record inflow of private investors to the Moscow stock exchange in 2019. Their number doubled during the year accounts on Masuria opened 1.9 million people – now they 3.86 million, said the exchange “Vedomosti”. The influx of investors is accelerating from year to year: in 2018 on the stock exchange have registered 645 000 for 2017 – a little more than 207 000 customers.

Saint Petersburg stock exchange, specializing in the auction of shares in foreign companies last year recorded a threefold increase of accounts – from 910 000 to 3.06 million units.

the Entire client portfolio of brokers (including assets of both individuals and legal entities) by October 1, made up of 9.96 trillion rubles., estimated by the Central Bank. In the accounts of non-Bank brokers individuals held 1.9 trillion rubles., the company is 2.7 trillion rubles in the Banks-brokers disclose only the total amount of assets for all clients of 5.3 trillion rubles. More recent data not yet published.

Why grow accounts

the Central Bank in the review of key indicators of professional participants of the securities market, explained to investors the lower interest rates on deposits, the rapid growth of the stock market and bonds, as well as the cancellation of Depositary commissions a number of brokers.

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