The savings Bank began to issue mortgages to self-employed

Sberbank 26 Dec launches mortgages for self-employed customers who have activated the service “My business”, the press service of the state Bank. We are talking about citizens who do not have an employer and employees and earns income directly from his or her employment.

self-employed include, for example, lawyers, arbitration managers, notaries and persons engaged in private practice who are not individual entrepreneurs. From 1 January 2019 they included people who apply the special tax regime “Tax on professional income” (4 or 6% depending on the service provided to a person or entity). Private Tutors, nannies, maids etc., the savings Bank will give a mortgage to those who chose this special mode: operates in Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and at the same time earn up to 2.4 million rubles per year, excluding official salaries, working without hired employees, or rent housing to rent.

“Previously self-employed people faced with the problem of proof of income when obtaining loans, even at a consistently high level of earnings,” explains the Director of the division “Doclick” state Bank Nikolay Vasev. Now they can purchase any mortgage loan from the base line of the savings Bank, except a loan for individual housing construction. This program, “the Purchase of finished housing”, “Purchase of housing under construction”, “Garage” and “Country property”.

Billion for the trust in the state, the Success of a regime of self-employed depends on whether the state to convince people that it’s not going to lie Opinion

the Minimum rate of mortgages for the self employed when buying housing on the secondary market will be 9% per annum, when purchasing apartments in the building – 7%. This corresponds to mortgage rates for people of non-payroll clients of Sberbank, but by 0.5 percentage points higher than for the state.

“is a Special product for self-employed is new to the mortgage market in Russia”, – said head of Bank ratings NRK Mikhail Doronkin. According to him, now to such borrowers, banks are wary, because they can not calculate their defaulthost and risks, and are reluctant to give them loans. “Sberbank has the possibility to test this segment and faster than the competition to cover their mortgage products a new layer of customers,” concludes Doronkin.

the representative of the second-largest mortgage Bank, VTB, says that the Bank grants a mortgage loan “Victory over formalities” in two documents – the passport and SNILS – without certificates of income. The results of the scoring it can get and self-employed. Initial payment – not less than 30% of the cost of the acquired property. Alfa-Bank provides mortgage while only officially employed citizens, but plans to extend it to the self-employed, said the representative of the Bank.

the savings Bank gives out about half of all mortgages in the country and regularly changing credit conditions. The last time he reduced the rates on the main line of products a little over a month ago – 22 Nov. 0.3 percentage points was reduced rates on the purchase of finished housing, 0.4 percentage points – for the purchase of housing under construction in most regions of Russia by 0.6 percentage points in Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, Tatarstan Republic and Novosibirsk region. The apartment is in a residential mortgage can be purchased at a rate of 6.5%, on secondary market – by 8.5 per cent. From November 29 has been adjusted by 0.5 percentage points to 9% rate for refinancing mortgage credits of other banks.

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