The savings Bank has offered investors another alternative to deposits

December 16, Sberbank launches platform p2b-lending “of Sarcedo”, told “Vedomosti” the press service of the Bank. With its help it is individuals – clients of the Bank can provide a loan to micro and small businesses, which for various reasons cannot obtain a Bank loan.

But before the end of the year to get a loan through “Sarcedo” is the only company in the Moscow region, which are clients of Sberbank, told “Vedomosti” Deputy Chairman of the Board Anatoly Popov. According to him, the platform will be presented to the operating business that passes the test and the scoring of the savings Bank. “Investors will get information about the companies, authenticated, collected from public sources, thereby minimizing the time on the independent search of information and the assessment of the risks”, – says the press service of the state Bank. The platform will be to charge borrowers a Commission of 5% of the borrowed amount. The betting range of loans for borrowers of the savings Bank does not call – they will depend on the level of risk.

to Place money through “Sarcedo” can any client of Sberbank over the age of 25. The Commission has to take will not. The term of the loan amount 1-6 months. “The minimum investment threshold is 5000 RUB., the maximum investment threshold to one borrower is limited to 20 000 rubles, in 2020 the total investment threshold will increase to 1 million rubles to Invest in an unlimited number of companies. A co-investor and each loan is a “daughter” of Sberbank – microcredit company “Outstanding loans”: the minimum share of loan participation – 10%.

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After registering on the platform individuals must transfer to nominee account platform the amount you plan to lend. By the borrower, the investor transfers the money to him. The deal is online. Borrowers will pay the loans equal payments on the nominal account platform, and that will distribute the funds to the investors after deduction of 13% tax on earned income. From the beginning of 2020 investors will be available to portfolio investments, portfolios will consist of five or more borrowers with different levels of risk, promises a savings Bank. The yield to investors will be higher than the average return of the Deposit and OFZ and can reach 20% per annum, promises of the priests.

However, the guarantee of return of investments in case of default of the borrower, the platform of the savings Bank does not, he admits. Platform only to assist investors to recover overdue debt in the event of its occurrence.

Defaults of borrowers of small business are not uncommon. “On average, 7 out of 100 borrowers, “Flow” (similar to the project of knowdledge from Alfa-Bank, now its share in platform – 60%. – “Vedomosti”) go into default. The platform can return an average of about half of the principal amount of debt of borrowers in default,” says the member of the Supervisory Board of the platform “Flow” Yuri Popov.

Investments through kruglenkoye platform high risk, warns the representative of the Central Bank: “Investing in companies in the initial stages can lead not only to income above the market, and the partial or – in some cases – complete loss of funds”. The role of a platform is to find a balance between yield and risk, if Sberbank will be able to establish a good scoring, then the project can be successful, says CEO Frank RG Yuri Gribanov. “Sarcedo” will disclose to investors information about the borrower and its level of credit risk, promises a press-service of the savings Bank.

Market knowdledge not now regulated, a special law will come into force only on 1 January 2020.

“market knowdledge works quite companies, but the overall percentage of knowdledge in the lending business is negligible, there are huge opportunities forI development, and Sberbank now fills its ecosystem, experimenting with different directions”, – said Gribanov. In his opinion, potentially the project of the savings Bank can earn: micro business looking for ways to get funding (for various reasons banks lend to his bad), and interest rates on deposits have fallen and people are looking for instruments with higher yields.

“the Appetite for investment is now, people have – agrees chief economist at Promsvyazbank Dmitry Monastyrshin. – Deposit rates are constantly declining, so private investors are willing to risk some of their capital may be interested in crowdlining”.

According to his observations, the site usually do not take the risk to investors, but respond with a reputation for quality scoring borrowers. The participation of such major players as Sberbank, the loan at least 10-15% may serve as an additional guarantee of reliability, people in such projects will be Monastyrshin considers.

the Cost of establishing a platform the Sberbank did not disclose. The press service specifies only that “this relatively small amount” and planned the payback period will be about 1.5 years. “In 2020 we want to arrange loans of $ 3-4 billion. We expect that individuals will give from 50 to 75% of investments”, – said the representative of the state Bank.

Disclaimer: clarified investment amount on the platform “Sarcedo”.