Sberbank will allow clients to give a bonus

From February holders of payment cards of the savings Bank, members of its loyalty program, will have the opportunity to transfer to each other phone number is accumulated, but not spent a bonus “Thank you”, from the new version of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” on its website. This “Vedomosti” said the representative of the program operator, a 100% daughter of the savings Bank of the “Centre of loyalty programs”.

“From February 1 we are launching a brand new platform, “Thank you from Sberbank”, which will bring together in a single interface, our mobile app, website and all portals to the loyalty program. The translation service bonus will be available in the new mobile app “Thank you’s” and updated the website. Now these resources are working in test mode, by early February will be available to all participants of the program”, – explained the General Director of the operator of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” Andrey Pisarev.

a Gift for all

Use the translation service bonus will not all card customers of Sberbank. From July 2018, the participants of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” are divided into four privilege levels (from the minimum “Thank you” to the maximum “More than thanks”), depending on the transactional behavior. The higher the level, the higher the percentage bonus and more diverse opportunities for their use.

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Translation bonuses will not be available to those who are on the minimum privilege level – “Thank you.” This category of customers will not be able to transfer bonuses or to obtain them from other card holders, said the representative of “Thank you.”

How to get the right gift “Thank you”

to go from “Thank you” to a higher level of privilege to use the transfer of bonuses to monthly for three monthsth calculation period which corresponds to the time of year (June-August, September – November, December-February, March-may) to fulfill two conditions:
– spend card or charge credit card cash from 5000 RUB.
– non-cash spend card bonus transaction more than cash.

give to the Rest of the bonuses will be very simple – just go to the section “Transfers” on the new platform, enter the recipient’s phone number and the desired amount of bonuses to be sent. Amount of one transfer is limited. Minimal interpretation is a “Thank you”, the maximum is 50 000 (one “Thanks” is equal to one ruble) . Within a month you can give any number of bonuses – the number of operations is not limited. Enrollment of bonuses to the recipient’s account will happen instantly, promises a representative of the operator.

However, the amount received as gifts bonuses will always be less sent to: the Bank set the “rate” of transfer, which varies depending on the privilege level of the donor and is 1:0.8 for the level of “thank you”, 1:0.9 for “thank you” and 1:0.95 for “More than thank you.” In other words, sent 1000 bonus “Thank you” will turn into a 800, 900 or 950.

Get a gift from other program members are not permitted more than 20 000, 30 000 or 50 000 “Thank you” in a month, depending on the privilege level of the recipient.

Absolutely no tax consequences neither for the giver nor for the recipient in the transmission of the bonuses does not occur, I am sure Pisarev.

How to dispose of the gift

Restrictions on the use of donated bonuses no. The recipient will be able to apply them in the same way as the rest accumulated over any other credit card transaction, for purchases in stores-partners, the bonuses received in the game “Casinomania” and other. For example, can spend on purchases at partner program portal in the “Travel”, “Entertainment”, “Online market”.

the Bonus “Thank you”, under the terms of the loyalty program cannot be stored in the accounts clients of Sberbank forever: they must be used within 24 months from the date of accrual. Also the bonus will be voided if the client is more than a year do not use the card of the savings Bank. The “lifetime” of donated bonuses will be counted from the moment of transfer to the recipient prior to the period of their existence from the sender is ignored. Thus, the cardholders will not lose the bonus from expiring on the “expiration date”, throwing them to the accounts of relatives or friends, confirmed the representative “Thank you.”

According to Pisarev, now clients of Sberbank appeared “unique possibility of joint accumulation of bonus “Thank you” for large purchases”.

Why Sberbank bonuses transfer

“Transfer bonuses increasingly recently asked our clients”, explains the introduction of options Pisarev.

According to experts, giving bonuses to other clients – a rare service that is characteristic of non-banking loyalty programs. Advisor to the CEO Frank RG Dmitry Tarasov (his company regularly conducts monitoring of loyalty programs for banks) and head of Deloitte Digital, Maxim Shapirovskii say that never seen before in the banking loyalty programs such options.

Outside banks such decisions sometimes occur. For example, some hotel chains and airlines sometimes offer transfer points or miles to another user for money. In particular, InterContinental Hotels Group offers translation 1000 points for$ 5, says Shapirovskii.

In the program “Aeroflot bonus” for several years, there is a function “transfer miles” from the transaction fee in rubles for all customers or by the Commission in the form of bonuses to reward clients (the extent tosec the rules of the program is not specified, it is reported to the sender in the dashboard). The maximum amount per transfer – 6,000 miles per year — 60,000 miles.

Experts believe that the translation service might be required. “Demand, of course, will be – by those who deem convenient not to buy and send a gift, and just give bonuses, as well as when relatives or close friends to purchase missing 15-20 points,” – said Tarasov.

the savings Bank will renew the program “Thank you” to more bonuses will be much easier

“But the presence of “fees” for the transfer can significantly reduce the demand for the service. In the card market there are a large number of loyalty programs – the customer got fed up with them. And transfer of bonuses, which could be beneficial to differentiate the loyalty program from the others, becomes due Commission less attractive,” notes Shapirovskii. In his opinion, the need to consider the cost of transfer bonuses in the calculation of the value of the consideration which you can get for them, further complicates the loyalty program that will have a negative impact on the client experience.

If the translations are bonuses you get great popularity among customers, this may worsen financial performance of the loyalty program, said Shapirovskii. This will lead to growth of expenses of the Bank because it “warns” the combustion of bonuses, gives you the opportunity to use the small balances in full; the coefficient of utilization of bonuses (redemption rate) the program can grow, says Tarasov. According to his observations, this ratio in a convenient for customers of the Bank loyalty programs is usually 75-85%, in the uncomfortable – 30-50%.

“Thank you from Sberbank” this option is not open. Also did not disclose the share of participants that are at the minimum level of privilege is not available where the transfer bonuses. Just a “Thank you from Sberbank” registeredVano 42 million cardholders in 2019, the number had risen to 5 million.

In recent years, the savings Bank regularly updates the loyalty program. Fundamentally, it was converted in July 2018 for the first few years, then all participants got the privilege levels. Less than a year later, in may 2019, the Bank greatly simplified requirements for transition to new levels of privilege.