The royal family in Spain received far more money last year than before. It’s still a lot less than the British royals received though.

Spain’s king shows thrift: King Felipe saved almost 890,000 euros last year from the money that the royal family receives from the Spanish state.

In total, the royal family received 8.43 million euros from taxpayers in 2021 to cover their expenses – around 544,000 euros more than in the previous year, as the royal family has now announced.

Regardless of the considerable increase, according to media reports, the royal family in Spain is still one of the cheapest in Europe at just under 18 cents per inhabitant. According to official information, the British royals received 85.9 million pounds from the state treasury in 2021 – according to the current conversion, over 100 million euros. In Spain, however, many payments are not included in the direct donations to the royals. For example, security is organized and paid for by the Ministry of the Interior.

Who determines the royal budget?

In Spain, the government decides on the royal budget, but the monarch can decide how the money is distributed. In 2021, for example, a total of 507,700 euros were used for personal donations. Felipe granted himself an annual salary of 253,843 euros. Wife Letizia (49) received exactly 139,605 euros for her personal expenses, former queen Sofía (83) 114,231 euros.

Felipe cut his controversial father Juan Carlos – now 84 years old – in 2020 in the course of various affairs. The old king, who was head of state in Spain for almost 40 years and has been living in exile in Abu Dhabi since August 2020, received almost 200,000 euros a year. In 2021 he did not receive a cent for the first time.

It is not known how Juan Carlos is accommodating his expenses in Abu Dhabi. Just a few days ago, the Bourbon paid his first visit to his homeland since leaving almost two years ago – in a private jet. One thing is certain: The royal family – which thanks to Felipe’s budgetary skills now has around 5.8 million euros in various accounts – did not pay for the visit.