A 13-year-old discovers a huge sum of cash that someone must have lost and indulges himself and his gang. However, his parents became suspicious and confronted him.

It was the find of a lifetime – until at some point the parents became skeptical: a 13-year-old found 14,900 euros in cash in Furth near Munich, which a 62-year-old man had lost with his bag there. As the federal police announced on Wednesday in Munich, the teenager did not bring the money back, but instead made an extraordinarily beautiful life with his clique.

The bag was lying around at the Furth S-Bahn station, as reported by the Nordbayern.de portal. The man had left them there before. When he returned, he found his bag, but the envelope with the cash had disappeared. The 13-year-old happened to meet a friend immediately after the find and told him about it. In the end, three boys and two girls under the age of 14 knew about the money.

The group bought earrings and jewelry for the girls, backpacks and even an electric scooter. The clique also went on bowling and dining trips.

Money discovered at the Furth stop near Munich

When half the money had already been spent, the parents of the clique noticed that their children were living beyond their means. The children finally admitted that they simply took the money they found.

A large part of the purchases had been returned, but in the end there were still a thousand to 2,000 euros missing. The parents pooled this money and gave it to the police in Unterhaching together with their remorseful children.

The man from Sauerlach, who said he had already written off the lost money, can now pick up his property again. The children should not be prosecuted because of their age. Nevertheless, they were summoned to a “clarifying conversation” about the discovery of their lives.

Sources: Nordbayern.de, AFP