Amok alarm at a high school in Bremerhaven: A woman was seriously injured, and an armed man was arrested a little later. That is known about the fact.

“Please don’t spread any rumours,” appealed the Bremerhaven police after a woman was seriously injured by an armed man in a school on Thursday.

Even hours after the fact, there are still many unanswered questions, this is known so far (as of 5 p.m.):

What happened in Bremerhaven?

According to the investigation so far, an armed man entered the school building in Bremerhaven around 9 a.m. and shot there. A woman was injured by the gun. It was not immediately known how many shots were fired. The police came in large numbers.

What is known about perpetrators and victims?

The alleged perpetrator is a 21-year-old man. He was arrested shortly after the crime just 250 meters from the school. Recordings of the arrest circulated on social networks, the verification team from stern and RTL was able to verify the video. The sequence shows the suspect, dressed in black, lying down on the sidewalk in front of a coffee shop and waiting for the police to arrive. He allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. The weapon was secured. The police initially did not provide any further information on the identity of the suspect. “According to current knowledge, the operation at the Lloyd Gymnasium is a single perpetrator,” the Bremerhaven police tweeted on Thursday afternoon. Nothing is known about a possible motive for the crime.

The injured woman is a school employee, according to police. Again, the authorities gave no further information on their identity. It was also unclear whether she worked as a teacher or in another position at the high school. She was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Nothing was known about her condition either.

What is known about the weapon?

As good as nothing. The police did not specify their details. However, a crossbow can be seen on the video recording of the arrest of the alleged perpetrator. The police announced further information. The fact that the man also had a pistol with him, as reported by several media, has not yet been officially confirmed.

Where is the crime scene?

The crime happened at a location of the Lloyd-Gymnasium in Bremerhaven on Grazer Straße in the Lehe district. This is where the upper school, including the high school graduates, is housed. According to the city administration, there are usually around 500 students there. Because of the Abitur exams, however, the school was relatively empty with around 200 people present.

How did the school and the police act after the alarm?

Shortly after the emergency call, the police moved in with a large contingent in the Lehe district and secured the area extensively. “The police have the situation under control on site,” she said. Special forces searched the school building to ensure there was no danger. The investigators are now asking witnesses for further clarification of what happened to upload any photos or re-recordings to an information portal.

An emergency plan was triggered in the Lloyd High School – the code for a killing spree had been announced several times over the school’s loudspeakers, a high school student told a reporter from the DPA news agency. The students and teachers locked themselves in the classrooms, where they stayed until the police gave the all-clear after around four hours.

The city of Bremerhaven set up a parent hotline and on-site support for those affected. Many mothers and fathers gathered at the school. “Your children are safe,” said the school management later in the day. Classes at the high school were canceled on Friday. “But we offer opportunities to talk, also for the parents,” said the Bremerhaven school officer.

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