A police officer hits a man lying on the ground. The case made headlines nationwide in autumn 2021. The investigation has now been discontinued.

After a suspected case of police violence during an operation in Pforzheim at the end of October, the investigations have been discontinued.

The police headquarters in Stuttgart and the Pforzheim public prosecutor’s office announced on Friday that there was insufficient suspicion. It cannot be ruled out that the actions of the officials were lawful.

The case made headlines in the fall because video footage of it was circulating. Among other things, they showed a police officer beating a man lying on the ground and fixed. The 25-year-old suffered minor injuries, police said. Again, he injured an officer so badly that he had to stop working.

After the video was published, Internet users criticized the police crackdown. According to the police, the background to the operation was that they wanted to take the drunk and aggressive 25-year-old into custody. The Stuttgart Presidium had taken over the investigations against the colleagues in order to maintain neutrality.