Sandra Oh played Dr. Cristina Yang in “Grey’s Anatomy”. Now she has revealed that fame was bad for her health.

Sandra Oh (50) spoke about the dark side of her time on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Speaking for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, she revealed that fame made her “sick.” Your role of Dr. She played Cristina Yang in the “ABC” medical drama for ten seasons. The premiere of the series in 2005 “changed her life a lot”.

During the filming of “Grey’s Anatomy” until 2014, the actress did not feel well. “Honestly, I got sick. I think my whole body was very, very sick,” she explained. Although she continued to work, she could not sleep, suffered from back pain and wondered what was wrong with her skin.

By now, the Emmy award winner knows how to put her own well-being first. Oh shared that the important lesson he learned from the experience was “that I have to take care of my health first.” It’s not just about the body, it’s also about the soul.

A return is excluded

In May 2021, Oh spoke on the Los Angeles Times podcast “Asian Enough” about the possibility of returning to Grey’s Anatomy. “I left the show, my god, almost seven years ago, so it’s over in my head, but it’s still very much alive for a lot of people, and while I understand and love it, I’ve evolved,” he says Star. Still, she would love to still be asked about the show.