Social media: Youtubers Bibi and Julian have split up


    The influencers Bianca “Bibi” Classen and Julian “Julienco” Classen were considered the most successful YouTuber couple in Germany. After four years of marriage, they have announced their separation.

    The YouTuber couple Bianca “Bibi” Classen and Julian “Julienco” Classen have split up. “Yes, the two of us are no longer together,” wrote the influencer on her Instagram page on Saturday.

    Julian had previously announced the marriage-off. “Of course, the children always and always come first with us,” wrote Bianca. She did not give any reasons for the separation, only wrote: “Nevertheless, I would like to ask you for your understanding that everyone needs their privacy.”

    Bianca and Julian Claßen were considered Germany’s most successful YouTuber couple with more than nine million followers together. The childhood friends from Cologne got married in September 2018. A month later their first son was born. At the end of March 2020 their second child was born.