The SS division

“When I saw the first headlines about the Ukrainian court declared the SS division “Galicia” (banned in Russia) Nazi, even could not believe my eyes. Actually it is not so,” — said in a live program “60 minutes” correspondent “KP” Alexander Kots.

Court only answered the question of the journalist to the Ukrainian Institute of naramata (winp) who insisted that symbols of division is not a Nazi. And thus not subject to the law banning Nazi symbols.

the District administrative court of Kiev declared that the Institute of national remembrance illegally provided a conclusion of nonconformity symbols of the SS “Galicia” to the symbolism of the Nazi regime and decided: “to Recognize illegal actions of the Institute and its chapters to provide conclusions about what the symbolism of the SS division “Galicia” is not the symbolism of the national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime”.

the Court also called upon the Institute and its leadership not to spread the insights that the symbols of the divisions of the Waffen SS “Galicia” is not prohibited.

As noted by Alexander Kots, on the one hand, in the judgment never stated that it is forbidden Nazi symbols. On the other — I do not consider her a Nazi is still required, but only the Institute of naramata.

double standards in Ukraine in the issues of Nazism was told by another expert of the program “60 minutes” Ukrainian businessman and politician Yevhen Chervonenko.

“Zelensky, the President officially speaks out against the Nazis, but, unfortunately, the Ukrainian government generally condones such sentiments,” he said. “However, normal people in Ukraine anymore.”

Despite a two-pronged approach, experts believe that in Kiev there was a tool of pressure on those who worship the traitors who fought on the side of the Nazis in the Waffen-SS.