After finding a Stradivari violin on a regional train on the way to Munich, the police probably found the owner. She should be relieved now, because the instrument is valuable.

A twelve-year-old left a replica of a Stradivari violin worth around 11,000 euros on a regional train. Thanks to a prudent train attendant, the grandfather’s heirloom was not completely lost.

The man discovered the instrument on Tuesday on a train from Mittenwald to Munich, as the federal police announced on Thursday. She also asked for information on how to identify the owner.

Police: “Have found owner”

The girl’s mother contacted investigators. Her daughter forgot her violin and case on the train home from school. The instrument is still with the police, the woman’s details still have to be checked, according to a spokeswoman, “but we assume that we have found the owner.”

Travelers keep forgetting valuable items on the train, a police spokeswoman said. “A few years ago, a violin costing 120,000 euros went missing and at the beginning of May someone left a bag with 14,900 euros on the train.”