Bad news for beer-lovers: as a result of climate change, the drink could become scarce and more expensive. In the case of an uncontrolled increase in the temperatures, the beer prices would double the world average, according...
He heard, as the Moderator of Horst Lichter since the first hour "Bares für Rares": The Austrian-born Wolfgang Pauritsch is one of the traders in the ZDF-Show. In his book, "The auctioneer," says the 46-Year-old and his...
A critical drawing, which shows the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has thrown in an exhibition in Linz am Rhein, a scandal. The Turkish Consul General in Mainz, Sibel Müderrisoglu, have not asked the city of Linz,...
Contents 1 Babylon in the court 2, Many fall through the test On a page Evelyne Ranharter read there are good trials and those that are almost at a loss. The good takes place on a morning in...
The world health organization (WHO) recommends a maximum of six teaspoons of sugar – 25 grams per day. This corresponds to about five per cent of the calorie needs. This is dramatically and even goes a step...
Contents 1 the end of The Taxis 2 Uber drivers break the rules and exploit themselves 3 "lawsuit against Uber are a costly thing" On a page to read The Aral petrol station at the Club Chalet in...
Martin and Katharina dice against each other. The game is quite simple: Each of you take a dice and whoever throws the higher number wins. In order to make the Whole thing a little more exciting, take...
The actors Lucas Gregorowicz ("Polizeiruf 110") once wanted to be a rock star in England. At 17, he dropped out in Bochum in the school and had gone to London, said the 42-Year-old the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung"....
Every year there is a new challenge. There are people who can't make it in every Winter for the task, to listen to the Christmas eve, more than five seconds, "Last Christmas". Are allowed (almost) all means:...


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Russia's envoy: US obsessed with the "Russian interference in American elections"

Russia’s envoy: US obsessed with the “Russian interference in American elections”

"In the US are almost obsessed with the "Russian interference in American elections" - a statement made by our permanent representative to the international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov.