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Evelyne Ranharter read there are good trials and those that are almost at a loss. The good takes place on a morning in October at the district court in the Danube city, where apartment owners argue costs in a neighborhood war to operation. In this civil process Ranharter translated as a court interpreter for the US applicant and may require a market rate, the two parties will have to pay.

The bad runs the next day at the criminal district court of Vienna. It’s about an attempted rape. Two hours the questioning of the victim who comes from Overseas and, therefore, the interpreter needs to take.

The Job is not worth more

comes in publicly-legal processes such as criminal proceedings, the justice for the performance of the Translator – a professional group, under the title of “generally sworn and court-certified interpreters” by Federal law, it is regulated. The amount of the fee as part of the state, however, is so low that the Job is worth.

good Translations for the justice system, as well as for each Individual who comes in as a defendant, victim or witness with a court in contact, the more important are: around half of all criminal cases are needed, in the meantime, interpreters in asylum matters, of course, even more frequently. The Save at the translator fees and in order to the understanding of the right to a fair trial – a human right – question. The proceedings are dragging on and jamming. This aspect is often neglected, when it is complained that decision-making draws endless in length. It costs the state more than he believes in to save it.

“For this merit is not a young, well-trained interpreter go to the court.”

Andrea Bernardini, President of the Association of court interpreters

interpreters receive 24.50 euros for the first 30 minutes in a public hearing, per 12,40 Euro for all of the following half-hours. Of insurance charges and taxes for freelancers social: “For this merit is not a young, well-trained interpreter goes to court,” says Andrea Bernardini, President of the Association of court interpreters (ÖVGD).

The Numbers to give you right: In 2006, the interior Ministry counted about 1,400 certified court interpreter, now there are only 780. It will soon be even less, because many of them have passed retirement age a long time ago. Under the 50-Year-old a minority, the average age of the Arabic translator is 70 years. For some of the judges can hardly find qualified Translators. For Afghan languages, Dari and Pashto, only a court is listed in the whole of Austria interpreters for Bengali and Azerbaijani, as well, African language experts, is completely absent.

This article dates back to the TIME no 44/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

So that method is not jamming, you need to download judge assistants. A practice with a side effect: “The realization that something was translated incorrectly, there are often. In the Criminal trial, someone always says: But I told you never,” says Rupert Wolff, President of the chamber of lawyers. “And then a hearing has to be repeated.”

In the extreme case, the same rolls there is a whole process. Because of the interpreters ‘ indulgence in a Graz-based method with the term “revocation of parole” nothing could start, he left this part in the Translation of the judgment. Later, when the Convicted person learned of the missing passage and complained, had to be explained to the whole judgement null and void.

Even those who speak one language well, did not find his way for a long time with jargon. This is also true for native speakers: Who knows the exact difference between intent and intention, or between guarantee and warranty? Who is, quite spontaneously, in terms of right-of-way determination, fracture of the zygomatic bone crack as firm as the correct designation of a Hair as a result of a bodily injury?

layman language with questionable skills must as a Translator

“Like, you have two weeks with her mother spoken to help?” The voice of the judge in the courtroom 17 at the Federal administrative court will be sharper. Because of the young asylum seekers, sitting in front of her, and his Expulsion order to be fought, has previously claimed in all of the interrogations, have for the past two years, no contact with his family. These should also be escaped, after his brother had been killed. He’s a liar? He has been involved in a contradiction? A few minutes it goes back and forth between the terrified man, the Translator and the judge. It turns out: Instead of “two weeks ago” it should say “two weeks earlier”, in relation to the time of the murder of the brother.