fitness is often a synonym for effort, and even suffering, but it has rarely been apprehended from a ludic point of view. To make this sport more attractive, of the French engineers founded in 2016, the start-up MoovLab to imagine several fitness programs based on the technology of the game Vid2o.

Present for the event Futurapolis, this young company says have created sensors to the user in order to measure its performance and progress. The athlete is then faced with a screen, as if he indulged in a video game, and sees his actions, as assessed by the program. Multiple workshops are offered : boxing, strength training, easing…

” It is really a matter of making the sport fun. One plays soccer, one plays basketball, the game of golf. But it never plays out in a gym. In gyms, one fitness room, but we don’t play. Practitioners can now see as much as a hobby than as a source of effort, ” insists Laurent Freytrich who led the project.


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