earlier, US President Barack Obama has accused his successor, Donald Trump and the Republicans, to stir up in the election campaign, aware of the Fears of migrants. “They tell you that a bunch of poor refugees thousands of miles away, is an existential threat to America,” said the Democrat at a campaign event in Miami. It was a “political Show” that Trump chic because of the migrants, soldiers to the Mexico border, added Obama. It is the Republicans only concerned with the fear-mongering of their own government’s balance sheet to distract. The name of his Amtsnachfolgers Obama mentioned not a single Time explicitly.

Trump’s power with the migrants, a massive election campaign for the congressional elections next Tuesday. He uses inspirational rhetoric and exaggerated the situation greatly. The US President speaks of a “Invasion” and a threat to the national security of the United States. Trump rowed back on Friday to his suggestion, the soldiers could open fire on the immigrants, they should throw stones. “You will not have to shoot. What I don’t want to, is that these people are throwing stones,” said the US President on questions of journalists. “We are going to take these people quickly and for a long time,” he added.

Trump had called on soldiers, against violent immigrants “strike back”